Light In The Dark; A Poem

“Light in the Dark” was an experimental piece, in which I was playing with the idea of telling a story through poetry. Many of the poems I write tend to be centered around a particular event or emotion and I wanted to break out of these personal restraints. As a writer, it is easy to fall into one comfortable style and become stagnant and predictable. In order to improve your skills and writings, it is essential to branch out of your comfort zone and experiment with various subjects, genres, types of work, etc.

The sky is pale blue like lilacs.

The color of your eyes after you cry.

Those September nights when

we used to drive

100 down the highway,

screaming and singing until

we were reduced to whispers.

We had nothing to lose except

our voices. Lying awake

to the light of a match,

like young girls at a sleepover.

We were 16.

We used to go to the supermarket –

2 A. M. – the only place open

at quiet hours. It was then

that we felt most alive, when the

world went silent and all we could hear

was the overpowering hum

of the parking lot lights

and the ting ting ting

of bugs colliding with them.

Good thing I’m not a bug,

for I would be the first

to go – flying towards the light,

seeking a brighter tomorrow.

You were my light, and I flew

into you, hoping to soak up your

warmth, but being rewarded with

maroon streaked legs and indigo

wrists. If I was a bug

and you were the light, you

would have killed me

right away.

The content of my poem is fictional, but loosely based around experiences and feelings from my teen years. During those years, I fit the bill for “young and reckless,” acting as if I was invincible against the world. At the same time, however, I was vulnerable to the words and actions of my varying love interests, and I allowed many unworthy boys to drive me to the brink of insanity and self-harm. Looking back, I wish I could slap my younger self across the face because of how pointless it was for me to worry about such meaningless relationships. Just as many high schoolers do, I yearned for the comfort of a relationship, seeking a comforting light in the arms of another.

Ultimately, I hope that readers can gain a sense of empowerment after reading this poem. Although it may seem easier to survive the difficult times in life if you are in a relationship, don’t seek a relationship just for the comfort aspect, and don’t seek shelter from the wrong people. Whatever you are going through, you are strong enough to prevail on your own, just as you have done thus far in life.

No matter what, always keep going.

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