November 16, 2015, was the day that I truly found my purpose in life. My purposes are 10 and 12 pounds. My purposes have big green eyes, and the most beautiful little faces I’ve ever seen.

They make me want to be the best person I can be, and they help me succeed in things I never thought I could do. My purposes never fail to make me happy when I’m sad and pick me up when I’m down. Since the moment they came into my life two years ago, they have been my number one priority and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Here are some life lessons you can learn from cats:

1. Choose your friends carefully.

Cats make it know who they like and dislike, and are not afraid to show it! They stay far away from the people they dislike. While you may not want to be deemed upon as mean, you should be picky about the friends and company you choose to have.

2. Get a lot of sleep.

It is hard for busy people to rest, but if you have nothing to do take a nap! Make sure you get enough sleep, it does influence how you perform the next day and days to follow.

3. Show affection.

If you love someone, show it! Cats always show their affection whether it’s by purring or cuddling close, they make sure their love is known.

4. Look before you take a leap.

Before a cat jumps, it always looks and makes sure what they’re about to do is okay. Cats are very cautious and we should be too. As humans, we should carefully make decisions. Don’t take a leap without assessing and analyzing the situation.

5. Don't give up.

If you ever feel like giving up, do what your cat does and continue to try! Cats never give up until they get what they want.