Life Lessons From Dwight Schrute

Life Lessons From Dwight Schrute

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactia.

1. Always be prepared

You never know when you'll need a wig, or twenty dollars cash. Better to be prepared than regretfully without a wig in a time of need.

2. Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery

Or is it imitation? Your friends are definitely mocking.

3. You don't always have to keep up with pop culture

The Kardashian's are having too many kids to keep up at this point.

4. Comforting your friends is important

Even if you don't understand their drama sometimes.

5. Be self confident

No one else will believe how great you are if you don't.

6. Relate to others by using common interests

Although, maybe check about the other person's interests first.

7. Take some time for yourself once in a while

Everybody Hurts sometimes.

8. Never give up on your childhood dreams

It's never too late to become the hay king.

9. Consider advice before making a move

"Don't be an idiot." -Michael Scott

10. Accept your faults

And keep standing on bad days.

11. Enjoy the little things

And don't let anyone make you feel bad about enjoying them.

12. Mockery is still the sincerest form of flattery

Jokes on you, haters.

13. Don't be afraid to state your feelings

Sometimes, it works out alright for you in the end. Especially if you include a megaphone in your declaration.

14. Your time to shine will come

Although getting to the top might take longer than you want, and the goal might change along the way, things will turn out alright.

15. Sometimes you just have to hug it out

It's good to let people around you know that they matter (probably easier to do this when you're not concussed, but that's a personal choice).

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Tips to Use Different Vases to Enhance Your Home Decor

Royal Dutch Ceramics Vases

Be it brightening the walls, or adding new furniture to the space, you might have been scouting your mind to revamp your traditional looking home. While you can bring-on many luxurious things, have you ever thought of incorporating in-budget piece like vases? No! Think over!

Vases have always been the rage of all times; they add texture, color and exciting element in the home interiors. They give unique character and instant glitziness to the plane and dreary place.

So, whether you have a painted vase lying around or have crystal vase or the ceramic one, bring them out and add a wow factor to the place. But, if you are going to buy the new one, here is some superbly amazing different kind of vases you should look for before making the purchase:

 Crystal Vases:

From simple to the fantastic one, or to the most outrageous items, crystal glasses are a perfect piece to enhance any place. In beautiful color and different patterns, they will surely grab eye-balls and will bring the charm of excitement to your home. Be it a champagne stem crystals or the most prolific one, set them out on a buffet table or place them on the cabinet to make them worth gazing. 

Antique and Contemporary Vases:

Modern homes mostly feature antique design vases to define the beauty of the place. Be it a floor, windows or cabinets; they always make a room look stand-out. Such designs are also favored to bring traditional style to the place, and aids in brightening -up the look of complete room. While small antique vases can be used with flowers, large and contemporary ones can be used to make the home look classy, unique yet beautiful. Ceramic Jug Vases or Dutch Ceramic Vases:

Filled or unfilled ceramics jug vases itself are enough to attract eyeballs. They are beautiful, colorful, elegant, and give royal touch when placed in a room. While you can use Dutch ceramics vases to enhance any shabby place, Ceramic jug vases along with flowers can be used to spice up any boring place. From study materials to the glaze finish ones and to the Matt look vases, there are a plethora of designs and patterns you can use to evoke the grace of the room.

Square Vases: 

A square or cube-shaped vases offer tons of ideas to design any place. Just pack your favorite flowers of different colors and varieties and place them in the vase to decorate your study or perhaps a table top. You can also use layering of sand, dried beans or maybe smooth pebbles in the vase to make it look different and nature-inspired. 

If you want to think out of the box, fill the vase with water and make it a mini aquarium. 

Cylindrical Vases:

Want to submerge flowers in a vase? Use cylindrically shaped one’s and add a sturdy flower to enhance the whole look of the place. Cylindrical vases can also be used as attractive decoration piece by adding colorful pebbles or stones to it. Just place some colorful gems, and you are good to decorate your place. 

What about arranging the candlelight dinners at home? Use glass cylinder vases and make a bold statement in the room for those romantic dinner dates. Candles in the vase will not only enhance the flame light but, will also amp-up the ambiance of the place. 

So, those were some of the tips you can use to enhance your interiors through vases. Also, keeping aside their aesthetic values, switch their position and use these vases and jars to uplift your mood! 

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5 Reasons Book Ginny Is Better Than Movie Ginny

The movies just didn't do our red-headed heroine justice.

"Harry Potter" has been a staple of modern literature since publishing began in the 90's, and the movies are some of the best film adaptations out there. While the movies get a lot right, they also missed the mark on quite a bit, too. One of the most disappointing differences between the books and movies is the erasure of Ginny Weasley. Here are five reasons Ginny was way cooler in the books.

1. She's actually relevant to the plot.

Yeah, she's in the movies, but her significance is debatable. She gets rescued in "Chamber of Secrets" but outside of that, she doesn't do much. In the books, she's always trying to keep up with Harry and her older brother, Ron, and is a powerful addition to the team.

2. She's got spunk.

Movie Ginny is exceptionally lacking in personality. She has some good lines but they don't really compare to her jokes in the books, where's she's always talking back to Ron, Fred, and George, and she's not afraid to speak her mind.

3. She makes Harry happier than he's ever been.

There's no arguing: Harry's life kinda sucks, but the time he's with Ginny in "Half-Blood Prince" is so happy and we just don't see that as much in the movies.

4. She's got great lines.

In the movie, Ginny stays pretty quiet, but in the books, her words have a more meaningful effect and pack a powerful punch.

5. She's a GREAT witch.

We get glimpses of her awesome power in the movie, but from her powerful Reductor Curse to her perfectly-executed Bat-Bogey Hex, Ginny is pretty kick-ass.

Yeah, Movie Ginny is great and Bonnie Wright's portrayal is perfect, but so much of her character that we love in the book goes unseen in the movies.

Cover Image Credit: Talitha Cargill

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