Take Life By The Hands While You Still Can
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Take Life By The Hands While You Still Can

Don't let your now become a never.

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I was getting ready to head out to a baseball game last weekend when my dad texted me about a new Brothers Osborne song. Song exchanges with my dad are absolutely sacred; he has a gift for finding the most impactful songs at the most appropriate times, and this was just another one of his primetime moments.

Hey Kiddo - Love the song, "While you still Can" on new Brothers Osborne album. Made me tear up a little, not going to lie. Lyrics ring true. Just saying... Needless to say, I grabbed my speakers as quick as I could, and made sure I gave it a good listen before I walked out the door. My best guess was these lyrics would elicit all the feels, and within 20 seconds of listening, that notion was confirmed.

"Cross every T, dot most the I's, cause years grow wings and fly on by, and time slips through your fingers just like sand // Cause everything you thought would last forever, never lasts forever like you plan. Don't let your now become a never, so take life by the hands, while you still can."

Yup. All of the feels. One listen was not nearly enough, as I decided to be the anti-social Uber passenger that afternoon and let this tune sit on repeat as I journeyed my way to the baseball field. It had me think about all I have been these past 22 years on this earth, how much I have learned, how much I have grown, and how much more I have yet to discover. But then there was that twinging in my stomach, that uneasiness, knowing we are not granted eternity. We never really know what course our life is going to run. To push every little thing to tomorrow would simply be a mistake.

I think sometimes we scare this message out of our minds because it can be said so often; we tend to see this whole "live every single day as if it were your last" notion as a redundant claim. It is not until we are faced with that uphill battle, a countdown clock, or the "I never thought this would happen to me" moment that we wish we took it more to heart.

But that's the thing: it doesn't mean you have to go climb Mount Everest tomorrow. It doesn't mean you have to see the Seven Wonders of the World. It doesn't mean you have to find the cure to cancer at an unheard of age of 22. It doesn't mean you have to win the lottery. Perhaps you already have your millions: millions of moments, hugs, laughs, people, interactions, opportunities, and memories that will be carrying you through your years. Why not capitalize on all of that? Why not continue to collect more of each and every one of those components of this life?

It is this pure notion of not letting our "now become a never," not having to look back and regret not taking that leap of faith; perhaps another door would have opened if you crossed the other side of almost. It is the act of rekindling old friendships, reaching out to those you lost touch with, taking a chance on someone you never thought you would, and saying hello to the stranger on the train. Who knows what could happen as a result.

It is calling your mom, joking with your dad, hugging your siblings, and not sweating the small stuff. It is exploring and conquering. It is filling your heart with so much joy it can burst, knowing you made the most of every minute of this life you were granted.

So here I have Brothers Osborne echoing these messages to me as I loop "While You Still Can" for the seventh day in a row, emphasizing the importance of reveling in every day we are given; waking up with a grateful heart knowing we are alive and have so much to conquer; understanding that hurt and disdain will only bring us down in the end.

As I come off my own reflection, I recognize that there are moments I wish I could have back; decisions I wish I made and did not push the back burner; people I am so incredibly happy I crossed paths with when I did, some completely out of the blue; defining instances that have forever shaped my being; seasons of life that challenged me, welcomed me with open arms, and revealed a new path to follow. I encourage you to reflect on these same things, to take a second and consider where you have been and where you are going. Where are you sitting? Where is your heart at? What more can you be doing while you still can?

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