Life Goes On, Even When You're In College

Life Goes On, Even When You're In College

Not everything can pause and then resume.


The other night, I was sitting in my room and I get a video from my dad. He and my brother were at Target and he sent me a video of my brother in a hot dog costume with the message "your brother's audition video to be in the Hot Dog Derby." All I could do was laugh. But then it got me thinking. Sometimes whenever my parents would go out and I wasn't busy I would go with them. But I'm not at home right now, because I am an hour and 45 minutes away at school.

Time doesn't have a pause button that I can just magically press while I'm at school and then I can hit play again when I'm back at home. There's a reason that I'm even away at school, and it's to experience a life away from home. My life goes on here, and my family's lives go on also. I know that while here, my family will go to pick out our new family puppy (I will be present via FaceTime), and my brother will hopefully get his driver's license.

My parents will be working and continue to raise my brother and help him out. Meanwhile, I will be here doing homework, continuing my education and growing as a musician and a sister in my sorority. I won't be at every high school football game for Joey, just as my family won't be at every college football game I play in for me. But the games will still go on as scheduled.

My life will continue to go on, even when I'm away from family and my hometown friends. It's just the way life is constructed and it's OK. I will continue to grow.

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11 Reasons Why Your Little Sister Is Your Biggest Blessing

She will forever be your go-to Netflix date, your late-night life talk partner, and your absolute best friend.

She's the person you care for with all your heart and sometimes hate passionately. She's the one you misbehave with yet the one who often keeps you in check. You've been there since her day one, and she changed your life forever. She is truly your partner in every crime, your shoulder to cry on when life is too much to handle on your own, and the very best friend you never expected to love this much. She's your little sister, and there are many reasons why she is the best thing that ever happened to you.

1. She makes you want to be a better person.

She's your baby sister, and you want her to grow up to be a genuine and well-respected person, which means you must be that person for her to look up to. She gives you a reason to be better.

2. You were her first friend, and that is a difficult bond to break.

From the day she was born, you were who she latched onto. You were her friend before she knew anyone else, and that makes your relationship unbelievably strong.

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3. She matures you.

You find yourself feeling motherly when it comes to your little sister. Your instinct will always be to protect her, often maturing you beyond your years.

4. She will always keep you young.

Although you want to be a grown-up example in her life, she will always be a reminder to have more fun and to let loose. She also has a better sense of style than you ever did at her age, so pay attention.

5. Your life-long friends have known her almost as long as you have, and they love her too.

You may have been her very first friend, but your friends fell in love with her at a young age as well. You know you've got a pretty great little sister when your friends never fail to hug her upon arrival.

6. She supports your decisions.

This does not mean she will always agree with them, but as your sister, she trusts you to do the right thing.

7. And helps you make the ones that stump you.

She may not have as much life experience as you do, but sometimes this can work to your advantage. She hasn't made as many mistakes as you have, and this can mean she's not afraid to take chances and push you to make scary decisions.

8. Distance is no match for you two.

You could go long periods of time without talking and nothing would change. You'll pick up right where you left off every time, although you prefer to stay in touch consistently.

9. You've become really good at giving advice and looking out for people.

Your little sister will come to you for advice, and you become more and more prepared to give it every time. This experience has also helped you help your friends when they need your input.

10. You will always be needed.

We all want to feel like we are a necessity to someone; we want to feel like we are improving someone's quality of life. While you may find this in other relationships over the years, your little sister will always need you, and it will always be rewarding.

11. She's a constant in your ever-changing life.

People will come and go in your life. Relationships will end and friends will fade, but your sister isn't going anywhere.

The day she was brought home, your sister changed your life dramatically. Maybe you were an only child before she came along, and she stole your thunder for a little while, but you'll forgive her for it. You'll realize that she changed your life for the better. She became your truest friend and your biggest blessing.

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Thank You For Being The Best Big Brother A Girl Could Ever Ask For

A simple "thank you" will not suffice.


In simple terms, Thank you.

Thank you for understanding and accepting the fact that you were going to have to deal with a little sister when I showed up in your life twenty years ago. Thank you for understanding that mom and dad were bringing home a baby, instead of a pet for you to play with. Thank you for protecting me since day one. Thank you for being the biggest critic when I needed it the most. Thank you for being there for me during the good times and the bad. Thank you for supporting me at every dance competition, even though I was only on stage for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Thank you for teaching me how a girl should be treated and nothing less. Thank you for never giving up on me, even when I do not understand what you are trying to tell me. Thank you for being the best friend I needed.

Thank you for being you.

When we were kids I wanted to be as cool as you. Following all of your footsteps and trying to be just like you. All I wanted was to be athletic, just like you. I, clearly, did not get that gene but I did try my hardest.

In all honesty, there was no one else in the world I watched and wanted to be like more than you unless it was a princess from a Disney movie or something like that. I'll always remember how annoyed you would be when I would follow you around. I would sit in your room while you play video games and ask you plenty of questions about the games you were playing. Thank you for trying your best to explain it to me. To be honest, it still has not clicked in my brain.

I remember we, more like you, would try to fight and accidentally hurt me. Immediately following, the words "Shh Shh you are fine. Don't tell mom. Shhh." would come out of your mouth. It still happens to this day, but now the words "Oh oops, sorry I didn't mean to hit you that hard. My fault. My fault" as you laugh. How many times have you tried to football tackle me onto my bed? Too many to count, but it has taught me to always watch my back, or keep my door shut.

We both have so much of life to do and I am glad we get to celebrate together.

We've been through a lot of different things over the 20 years we have spent together. There have been good times and bad times. But what I've come to realize most through it all is that you and I have gotten closer each and every day. Between our trips to school every day, sending each other memes that only we laugh at, and just our everyday, normal conversations, somehow you became my best friend.

Now, January of 2019, you are working and I am in college, we don't get to see each other as often as we would both like. You're still my best friend. You always will be. You are the best brother a girl could ask for. I was blessed to become your sister and you were blessed to become my brother. Don't worry, you didn't have to say it, I said that for you. There's no one else in the world I would want to call my brother. Thank you for always supporting me, understanding me, and being someone I could talk to, no matter the situation

To the person who still likes to practice WWE moves on me for no apparent reason other than it is entertaining. Thank you.

With lots of love,

Your favorite, annoying little sister.

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