The other night, I was sitting in my room and I get a video from my dad. He and my brother were at Target and he sent me a video of my brother in a hot dog costume with the message "your brother's audition video to be in the Hot Dog Derby." All I could do was laugh. But then it got me thinking. Sometimes whenever my parents would go out and I wasn't busy I would go with them. But I'm not at home right now, because I am an hour and 45 minutes away at school.

Time doesn't have a pause button that I can just magically press while I'm at school and then I can hit play again when I'm back at home. There's a reason that I'm even away at school, and it's to experience a life away from home. My life goes on here, and my family's lives go on also. I know that while here, my family will go to pick out our new family puppy (I will be present via FaceTime), and my brother will hopefully get his driver's license.

My parents will be working and continue to raise my brother and help him out. Meanwhile, I will be here doing homework, continuing my education and growing as a musician and a sister in my sorority. I won't be at every high school football game for Joey, just as my family won't be at every college football game I play in for me. But the games will still go on as scheduled.

My life will continue to go on, even when I'm away from family and my hometown friends. It's just the way life is constructed and it's OK. I will continue to grow.