Life As Told By The Eagles
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Life As Told By The Eagles

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Life As Told By The Eagles

The Eagles is, in my opinion, one of the most rocking' bands of all time. Their sound is diver, but easy identifiable. The Eagles, for me, is more than just a band. It is a connection to my grandfather, whom of which has passed away just recently. This is in tribute to him.

1. “We are all just prisoners here of our own device.”

Life has many different interpretations. Some say life is beautiful, some say life is toilsome, others say life’s a journey – it’s up for grabs. It’s the own person’s personal experience. Hotel California is the same way. Each person can interpret it differently. Don Henley, a founding member of The Eagles, explains that the song is about “a journey from innocence to experience.” That experience could be great Or, it could be detrimental. We may think we want something, but it ends up being not beneficial to us – and that we need to figure out how to free ourselves from our own traps, problems, issues, whatever. - "Hotel California," 1977

2. “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Lighten up while you still can, don’t even try to understand.”

Perhaps this is one of the most important lessons that The Eagles have to offer. Breathe! Let loose! Have fun. Let go of yourself, your anxieties, your worries. Life life. – "Take it Easy," 1972

3.“You got your demons, you got desires. Well, I got few of my own.”

You are not alone. You may have skeletons in the closet, you may have the biggest dreams and both can be daunting. But you aren’t alone. Especially if you have to deal with them. Just be sure you don’t put them off till the next night. – "One of These Nights," 1975

4. “Your prison is walking through this world all alone.”

Humans are social creatures. We love. We nurture. When we don’t have that, we feel like we are lacking someone. We are wired to be with people. The Eagles tell us the essential lesson of allowing ourselves to love and be loved. When we don’t allow people close to us…we lose feeling. We lose ourselves. Life becomes dull, mundane. Loving people and letting people love you back makes life colorful. Joyful. – "Desperado," 1973

5. “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes.”

Call me naive if you wish, but It is my belief that people are inherently good. So, when people go against that, I believe that people, internally, start to feel the repercussions of their actions. Whether it is cheating, bullying, teasing – whatever. The Eagles teach us that when you do something bad, immoral, you can’t hide it. Everyone knows. – "Lyin’ Eyes," 1975

6. “Didn’t see the stop sign, took a turn for the worse.”

Oh, maaaaaaaan. Have you ever done something because you thought it was the right thing to do? Because it was all you ever wanted? Then you get there and…you’ve changed. And it wasn’t what it was all cracked up to be? And then, you look back at everything you went through to get to the point that you’re at – and you realized there were all these signs that signaled for you to stop – turn around? Well, maybe next time, you should slow down. – "Life in the Fast Lane," 1977

7. “She got the moon in her eye.”

Spellbound. I can attest to being locked onto one thought, one vision – and never looking anywhere else. And I have been driven mad because I couldn’t attain them sometimes. I should have let go sooner. – "Witchy Woman," 1972

8. “Well, we’re scared, but we ain’t shakin’. Kinda bent, but we ain’t breakin’.”

Life is going to through you a lot of shit. That’s okay. That’s normal. But with love and hope – you can get through it. You need to be a little resilient. But you will make it. I promise. – "In the Long Run," 1979

9. “They say I’m crazy, but I have a good time.”

This should be SO many people’s life mantra. Why? It is the biggest, “IDGAF” in all of history. I mean come on. Life lesson #19: live for yourself. Do what you want! Worry about it later. Just do you. Live life in your style and rock it. – "Life’s Been Good," 1978

10. “You're coming back for more.”

Life is about making choices. Make wise ones. It’s also a balance. Don’t forget to love while making money. Don’t forget to take time out of your schedule for people. Not just whatever success you want to gain. – "Take it to the Limit," 1975

11. “Take another shot of courage, wonder why the right words never come."

Technically, this song is about not being able to talk to a woman. But we can turn this into a life lesson because The Eagles are just that wonderful. Anyways…Life lesson #39: don’t settle. Be brave! Be bold. Do things. Do scary things. Don’t go numb. Live a life full of adventure and excitement. Take a shot if you need to. –"Tequila Sunrise," 1973

12. “People love it when you lose.”

There are going to be people that root for your failure. There are going to be people that do not want you successful. Don’t let it get to you. This song tells us that people can be cruel. They can desire the worst for you. But prove ‘em all wrong. Don’t let them bring you down. – "Dirty Laundry," 1982

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