The LGBT+ Community Made History In Midterm Elections And Are Ready To Make History In Our Country
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The LGBT+ Community Made History In Midterm Elections And Are Ready To Make History In Our Country

We already won the battle of gaining visibility in the LGBT community. It's time for the newly elected officials to help us win the war.

The LGBT+ Community Made History In Midterm Elections And Are Ready To Make History In Our Country
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The midterm elections took place across the United States last week, and the results of the election affect what happens in the White House, House of Representatives, Senate, and to everyone in the country including the LGBT community. It was time for everyone (women, people of color, LGBT community) to let their voices be heard by going out to the polls and voting.

The results are in, and the LGBT community made history in the midterm elections.

According to, "GLAAD also applauded voters in Massachusetts for supporting a "Yes" vote on Question 3, upholding the state's transgender nondiscrimination law which protects transgender people from discrimination in public spaces like restaurants, hotels and hospitals. The victory in Massachusetts marks the first statewide popular vote in favor of rights for transgender Americans."

In Colorado, Democrat representative, Jared Polis, became the first openly gay man to be elected governor. According to, "The win is particularly significant in light of Colorado's reputation as a "Hate State" — a moniker activists gave it after voters there passed a constitutional amendment in 1992 to prevent the creation of protections for the LGBTQ community." Polis has been open about his sexuality throughout his political career, especially before he became a Congressman.

Sharice Davids became the first Native American and openly LGBT member to take a seat in Congress from Kansas. According to CNN Politics, "Davids identifies as lesbian...She will enter Congress as lawyer and a former mix martial arts fighter."

According to Davis Hammett, an LGBT rights activist from Topeka, via The Kansas City Star, "This is significant to all LGBT folks in the Midwest. She really feels like the voice for all the LGBT folks in the Midwest. And I know that there's a similar feeling in Native American communities."

Other members of the LGBT community were also elected. Per, "Bi incumbent Governor Kate Brown of Oregon was re-elected to a new term and incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin will continue to represent Wisconsin as an out U.S. Senator. Out incumbent members of Congress David Cicilline of Rhode Island, Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, Mark Pocan of Wisconsin and Mark Tacano of California were all re-elected."

This is just the start. It was our turn to make a change in what's happening in the White House and Congress. Now, it's the newly elected officials' job to make a difference, and improve what happens to our future for women, LGBT community, and the country. We already won the battle of gaining visibility in the LGBT community. It's time for the newly elected officials to help us win the war.

I ask EVERYONE in the LGBT community all across the country to continue fighting by communicating with your representatives to change what's being done and speak out about how you feel about what is currently happening in regards to the community, and what is expecting to happen while Trump is in office. If you get knocked down, make sure you GET BACK UP!!!!!

Congratulations to all of the LGBT newly elected officials on your win. I know all of you will work hard to changing the dynamic in the House, Senate, and the White House.

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