She had that first kiss kind of love that, love at first sight kind of

touch that selfless love that, if there were only room for one more in

heaven I’d stand outside the gates and watch you for an eternity

because you made this lifetime feel like enough kind of love that, you

overflow every cup so I keep drinking up, sometimes I feel drunk kind

of love that, soft kind of love that kind of love that left imprints

on clouds, stretched legs for miles borrowed one of the sun’s rays for

the shine in your smile kind of love that, we live in two different

places and I still feel you kind of love the kind of love that makes

you stretch your arms in hopes that you could reach across states and

wake her up every morning that, I probably sort of kind of miss you

even though we’re in the same room kind of love that, I cry when

you’re not in the same room kind of love that…

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