A Letter To The Girl Who Wrote 6 Benefits Of Not Joining Greek Life
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A Letter To The Girl Who Wrote 6 Benefits Of Not Joining Greek Life

We Respect Your Decision To Not Go Greek,But Please Respect Ours.

A Letter To The Girl Who Wrote 6 Benefits Of Not Joining Greek Life
Carlyn Romeo

Listen I get it, Greek life is not for everyone and that’s okay. But for others including myself, Greek life is very important. Greek life introduced me to some of my best friends and future bridesmaids.

I am glad that you were interested in Greek life and put yourself out there and I am so sorry it didn’t work out for you. However not every chapter says “whatever you want to hear.” And not every chapter will only invite you when you’re a freshman.

I am a dedicated member of my sorority, I hold an E-board postion and I love my sorority fully. However, two of my very best friends are “GDI’S” as you would put it and I have no problem with that. They chose a different college path than me, that does not make them any less than me or anyone else in my chapter. Nor do they put me down or anyone else for that matter for choosing to go Greek.

Your six reasons to not go greek are the exact opposite of all that greek life stands for. Your first reason “hazing." I am so sorry if you have encountered sororities who haze that isn’t right but to be far that is not all sororities and you can not assume it is because of the things your friends say or the ways movies portray Greek life.

As for your GPA plummeting; I have one thing to say to that: my GPA had never been better than my first semester joining my chapter. I had the motivation, support and help of all my sisters when you put that many brains together anything is possible.

As for the money, your right it does cost some money and this is something you know when joining Greek life. However, every cent I put towards my chapter is so worth it. We help charities, we go on walks for good causes, we host events and donate all the proceeds to our philanthropy. Without my money, we would not be able to do that. So yes, we spend money; money to help others.

Your best friends aren’t assigned.” I am in Greek life and I can tell you for certain my best friends have not been assigned to me. Sure, most of my best friends are in my chapter and I am so grateful for that. But none of them are my best friends by force, they are my best friends because of the amazing, kind, wonderful women they are.

Like I said before, two of my best friends are not in Greek life and no one has ever said I am “committing a sin” by hanging out with them.

When you join Greek life you are joining a family.

To say “You'll never be guilty by association” is so wrong. When something happens within your chapter or to one of your sisters you stand behind them, you support them just like you would for your friends I hope. It does not make you guilty by association it makes you a support system and a friend.

As for your sixth and final statement, “you’re in charge of your own schedule.” So am I, if I want to stay in and watch a movie I will. If I want to go home for a weekend and see my family I will, who is stopping me?

For those in Greek life, your statements are offensive. I totally understand the desire to not want to join Greek life and I totally respect that. However, we have every right to be in Greek life and love it. So for all of those freshmen out there interested in Greek life: I hope you find your home, your very best friends and your family away from your real family.

For those of you not interested: kick ass your freshman year. Make memories for a lifetime and find your very best friends. At the end of the day it's your life. Live it! And respect others decisions to live theirs.

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