A Letter to My Future Children
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A Letter to My Future Children

Forewarning of what I'm bringing them into...

A Letter to My Future Children

I'd like to begin this by saying that I am not writing this for the people who told me, "You'll change your mind," when I told them I do not want children because I still don't have any intention of having any. I am not, however, turning a blind eye to how unpredictable life is and how I can't necessarily rule anything out. I often think about what my future will be like, and the idea of having children terrifies me. Not because of personal reasons, but because I'm afraid to bring children into this world the way it is now. So the following is my letter to these unborn children, as I believe even the concept of a child that is mine deserves fair warning about what they're being dragged into.

Dear Future Child,

I have intentions of decorating your nursery in pink and blue because I don't want you growing up thinking that there is a divide among them, or worse: colors are assigned to genders. You will decide what colors you like, what toys you like to play with and it will have no impact on your nature as a person, so happy choosing, kid! We live in a world where some people think that if they give their son a doll, it will somehow correlate to him having a sexual attraction to other men one day when in reality the only thing it would do would maybe make him more loving and nurturing. Besides, I could not care less who you fall in love with one day, as long as you are good and respectful to one another.

I'm grateful to tell you that you can get married one day, regardless of your sexual orientation. It was different when I was a kid, and same sex couples were seen as unnatural, so they were denied the right to marry until 2015. But this doesn't mean that as a gay individual you will feel equal because there are still people today called "bigots" who will try and make you feel bad about the way you are, but you'll learn to ignore them. There are many different sexual orientations that I would love to teach you about if you'd like to know one day. But it's not something I'd like to discuss until you know who you are as a person and perhaps believe you fall into an orientation that isn't heterosexuality. I myself am bisexual, so always feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns, because I would never judge you, especially if the sentence your feeling nervous about or the "issue" begins with "I love" or "I'm attracted to."

I'm sorry to inform you that homosexuals aren't the only people who are sometimes not treated like human beings. You will see hardships for people with darker skin because they are judged for not being white, which some people called "racists" seem to think is the default skin color. These racists will try and defend their hostility by saying that they are criminals or somehow worse than they are, but this is not true. It is impossible for the color one one's skin to define the content of their character. Always remember there is no default skin color because there is no default human. We are all on an equal playing field, so you are no better or worse than any other person around you. Always treat people with this in mind: Give what you'd want to get in return.

I'm probably raising you under Christian ideals and teachings, just so you have the same knowledge pool that I did growing up, but I do not expect you to be a good little Christian child. I know a lot about Buddhism and it has helped me in beautiful ways so I'll teach you some of those concepts too. I also know bits and pieces of culture from other religions that I'd like to teach you so that you can see that religions can be very similar, and also very different. I'll let you choose what you believe, as long as you choose to support what others believe. You will come to see that there are people who do not support others for their religion and often will call them names such as "terrorist" because they wear indications of their religion. But again, remember that one event or one kind of person does not define the entire body of people. Just like if you see a little girl on the playground wearing pigtails running around and pushing people to the ground, this does not mean that all little girls with pigtails are aggressive and you should fear them. This just doesn't add up.

Currently, politics are a mess. If Donald Trump is president, here are a few things I'd like to just tell you now: Remember everything I've told you thus far, because Trump would respectfully disagree, but it is because he is one of those racist bigots we were talking about earlier. Regardless of who you are and who you become, be true to yourself and never fear fighting injustice. If you are a girl, you are beautiful and strong and capable... nothing limits you so don't ever believe you can't do something because you're a girl. If you are a boy, you are strong and capable as well, but never believe that there is an inferior gender, because there isn't. You will do many beautiful things in the world, but one of the most important is being a feminist. You need to show other men that men can and should be fighting for gender equality too.

If Hillary Clinton is president, here are a few things you should also know: I will be monitoring your email very closely. No, but seriously this political leader is what we like to call a "hypocrite" and she lies, often. Everything she does and says is for her campaign and for popular opinion, which is exactly the opposite of how I want you to be. If you ever decide to run for president, it will be because you are overcome with grief over the social injustices and have a solid game plan for how to turn this country around. You will do things because you want to, not because you want the vote. You will not care about the money or the power at all, but will take the position seriously and keep the people in mind as your number one priority. Also, never listen to anything Mrs. Clinton says about feminism because she doesn't quite understand it like you will. She does not care to fight for women's rights but rather exploits the issues women have in efforts of getting more votes.

Essentially, I will raise you to be loving and kind. You will see the social injustices around you and you will speak your mind, even if it's the unpopular opinion. You will make others feel good about themselves, which will bring lots of love and friendship your way in return. The best advice I can possibly give you is to find your niche and then focus as much energy on that as possible so you don't get roped into anything negative. Never ignore or offend other people, because they may be key to something in your future. And finally, create art. You can have the most beautiful thoughts in the world and articulate them in the most profound way, but that doesn't mean anyone will listen. In the world we live in, art gets through to people like nothing else. So create as much art as you can and be as expressive as possible to leave a beautiful trail on the Earth after you're gone.

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