A Letter For The Grandfather Gone But Not Forgotten
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To The Man, The Myth, The Legend, My Grandfather

You're gone now, but you will never be forgotten.

To The Man, The Myth, The Legend, My Grandfather
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First things first, I miss you.

This article is for you because I feel sorry for anybody who didn't get the chance to meet you. When you passed away my world stopped spinning, while everyone else's continued to keep going, but it shouldn't have.

You see, if everyone had known about your charisma, their world would have stopped too. If they knew how diligently you worked for your Lord, they would have been a mess like me. If they had simply heard your laugh only once, they would have felt a fraction of the way I had felt.

It is unfortunate not every single human met you, however, I know you know how much pain it caused me to lose you and I am sure you wouldn't have wished that on anyone else.

I wish I had more time with you and I know everyone has said this in times of loss. However, I mean it Pops, I really do. For years I visited you in the home that you promised I could have as a kid only for holidays. As we both got older, you graduated to living in my home in my old bedroom. I was ecstatic when you moved in.

Sure, I saw you every day for a couple of years before you got really sick, but I took it for granted.

I took for granted the way you whistled doing literally any chore. I took for granted that sweet and sour chicken you would make for dinner sometimes and even for my friends once. I took for granted your storytelling and how you simply could not finish one story without telling another.

You were taken too soon, my dear friend. It is like a cruel joke when I come home on weekends now anticipating you to be in your room watching golf or doing laundry. It makes me sick to drive by the home you lived in, in your final days while you were in hospice care.

I am sad that you are going to miss out on so many important moments like my wedding or landing my first gig in the field I want. I am sad I did not talk to you enough about the organizations I am part of, the friends I have or my dreams and how you have affected them.

However, even in times of distress, I have learned to remain positive. You were there for my high school graduation. You were there to meet my first boyfriend and celebrate all my birthdays thus far.

You were around long enough to create inside jokes with me and tease me about my attitude. You were always there when I needed you to be, even if I didn't know it at the time.

So, despite my loss, I have gained the memory of you. I know now that every day I can think of you the way you wanted to be remembered. I know whenever I think about you now that you will be there in the smallest of details.

In every single Frank Sinatra song, every whiff of pasta and the sight of every colorful suit, I know that you are there sending me a sign. I know that is enough for me and I thank you for all of those memories.

I love you so much Poppop.

You are the man, the myth, the legend.

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