A Letter To My Best Friends At Home, While I'm At College
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A Letter To My Best Friends At Home, While I'm At College

Best friends call for the best memories.

A Letter To My Best Friends At Home, While I'm At College
Michael Eversole

To My Best Friends:

There's a certain point in our lives where we all have to grow up. These are the days we couldn't wait for, but now that they're here it's like we aren't satisfied with it enough. We went through our senior year together, some of you were still juniors, and one of you were already graduated, waiting to leave for the service. I'll never forget all the times we had shared from years passed, and years to come. There was nothing better than a Friday Night football game together, a Saturday Night basketball game together, and even a mid week baseball game together. We always dreaded going to class, but we always ended up going. I'll never forget the last summer we all shared before we each took our respectful paths. To my best friends who are back at home, while I'm at college, it was not a "goodbye", it was a "see you later." I never want you guys to forget that. Your my brothers until the end.

The summer of 2016 was by far the craziest we had shared. We went to concerts together, went out together, and I know somehow, someway, we made the trip to a Steak N' Shake. We went on so many adventures that people wouldn't believer or understand. It makes me laugh, because we were always such a great group of friends. Whether it was swimming out on Elton, a fire at Hummel's Goat Farm, a party in East Canton, a Game 7 celebration for the Cavs, stranded on the side of the road in Akron because car troubles, sitting in a basement while big Bill came down to jump on us, or even sitting around in a living room together, we had the best of times, and I feel no summer with a different group of guys, will ever replace that. There's no more waking one another up when it early, and one of us try to sleep. There's no more enjoyable arguments on who has the big couch or small couch to sleep on. There's no more, "Watch the Mercedes" as we are pulling in and our of driveways, even though none of us own a Mercedes. We tried to be happy about our futures, however I always sensed the fright in our voices when we would speak about it. I can never thank God enough for placing all of you in my life. You guys' have always stood by my side, no matter what life has thrown at us. Even when one of us faced the, "Minor Setback Major Comeback."

It was the last concert we went to, and I knew our time together was coming to an end. With one of us being the first to leave for college, it all hit us when you left. We knew you were going to have a great time, but we only wish you never forget about us back at home. I know you're going to succeed as you further your baseball career. Next, it was myself leaving for college, and although I was excited for that day, I felt there was a lot missing. I always wondered what you guys' were doing back at home, but I knew you were all having a good time, and we were all looking forward to the next time we see one another. Then, I felt horrible when I couldn't wish the last of us luck, as you moved into college to play soccer. Lastly, I still find myself reminiscing with the ones who are still back at home, waiting to leave for the service, and who are working every day. I know things must be different for you guys as well. On the weekends you can't seem to find anything to do, it's not as simple as calling one of us, and showing up in twenty minutes or so. Now it's just all a plan, and we need to organize our schedules to even hangout with one another.

I have met so many new people here at college, I know you guys would like them when you get know them better. I can relate to a lot of them in ways I relate to you guys, and I like that. Although our childhoods' have come to an end, and we are now in the real world, I know we will always cherish the times we do have on school breaks, and most importantly summer. To my best friends, I know that several people can join in on the close friend ships I allow in my life, however nobody will ever be able to replace the guys I have back at home. They say best friends call for the best memories, and they aren't lying. I know whatever it is we all choose to do, whether it be college athletics, the military, the work field, we will all be successful, and nothing will break our friendships apart. If it weren't for you kinds of people, I wouldn't know where I would be in my life. We have went through it all together. Everyone can think of the special group that they hold close to them, and I hope they don't take them for granted, just like I never took you guys for granted.

College is different. It's difficult not knowing everyone in the class, it's difficult with all the responsibilities we'd help each other with, and even any minor troubles we'd encounter. In the end, I feel we all needed this, because without the time of separation, how will it be exciting to talk about our new experiences? To my best friends back at home, while I'm in college, I want you guys to know I am always here. It doesn't matter what the reason is, I promise to never replace you guys, because you are all irreplaceable. Just because we are all going our separate ways, doesn't mean things have to change. We have started a new chapter in our lives, and I don't think distance is a factor. I love you guys, and to my best friends at home, just know our time has not ended, this will be for a lifetime.

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