To the Real.Strong.Women whos going to flip my world upside down,

Well, if you don't know me yet, you will soon find out I love to plan things out ten years in advance, so heyyy, girl we might be in the future ;) (weird how this sh*t works). But hey girl, what's up???

This whole process thing is foreign to me so I'm about to do it my own way, sorry... (not really). *Sly smile*

First off, thank you for taking me as your Lil. I cannot tell you how excited I am (even though I never look thrilled). Excuse my RBF. The impact that we will have on each other's lives is unimaginable. I know you will change my life in a heartbeat from the first time we see each other on reveal day. I hope that we can help make each other the women we are meant to be and have a blast and a half doing it. There are some things you should know about me that might help you know what you're getting yourself into...

I grew up with two older brothers so I can be a hot mess sometimes... scratch that, most of the time. I am a sarcastic a$hole and rarely have a filter. I will tell you straight up how I feel about everything because my biggest pet-peeve is a liar. One thing I will ask you is to always be honest with me. The truth will hurt sometimes, but no matter how hurt or upset I will be, I will ALWAYS have respect for you because you were honest... and that says so much more than whatever the other thing is.

The real thing, dude... teach me how to say 'No'. Listen, I got some serious issues with over committing.. stressing myself out and then being a sh!t show... but I ALWAYS ALWAYS get things done. Get me out of this habit of taking my life so seriously. Make me have fun. Teach me how to do something I do not know how to do. Believe me, it will be... entertaining and worthwhile. I pretend like I have my life together but I don't. I am going to need serious advice and guidance or even just a roll of the eyes occasionally. Life is hard, but if we stick together through it, I promise we will seak the heights. *Wink wink*

I really hope that we will become so close that you actually feel like a real sister. I have no idea what it is to have a sister. BUT, I love myself some late night food runs and spontaneous adventures. Get ready because if you aren't into travel... you will be. We can have the times of our lives together. Please take me for every weird thing about me... ( I love to eat whole-a$$ lemons). I promise I will do the same.

Big, I love you already. I cannot wait to be your right hand wo'MAN, best friend and of course, your Little.

Lots of love until 10/28 ❤️💚