A Letter To My Freshman Year Roommates During Our Final Semester

We had the time of our lives freshman year. Hours and hours were spent laughing, snacking and cuddling in our freshman dorm. Just thinking about how much fun we had running around our beaten down dorm together brings a smile to my face.

As freshman, we panicked about the path we were taking on a daily basis. We would joke about changing majors or transferring to a different school almost every day. After our first semester at college, we joked about how we didn't know if we could make it through another seven semesters.

We were constantly crying about our futures, mostly about how petrified we were about the path we were heading.

None of us knew if we were in the right major, at the right school, or in the right extracurriculars. I remember someone would say "I have no idea what I'm doing with my life" and someone would chime in "it's okay, me either. We have time to figure it out."

When one of us would worry about adulting the other was there to console, strengthen and help the other through it. We were each other's support systems and honestly, I don't think I would be where I am without our friendship.

On top of being the most entertaining friendship I have, our friendship has been real, honest and heartfelt.

Being close with the same friends since freshman year has brought me so much comfort. When I was feeling my best you were there. When I was my breaking point, you were also there.

To think that four years ago we feared the future makes me giggle. I think we were most afraid of losing ourselves at college, and each other. Both of which have become far from true.

I'm so proud to be friends with the same girls from freshman year. We've each grown up so much since the beginning and yet have still remained so true to our roots. Each of us has our own niche just like we did in the beginning, and I think it's helped us all come such a far way.

During freshman year we so badly wanted to do something important while we were in college and each of us has succeeded. Freshman year we bawled our eyes out over failure and over the last four years, none of us even came close to failing.

I'm also very proud of each of you for surpassing goals we may have forgotten about. Earning a 4.0s, passing a super hard class, being leaders in our extracurriculars, and being recognized for our hard work--little things our freshman-selves cried hours and hours over wanting very badly.

On top of all of our school successes, we've all learned the balancing act of work and what makes us happy. That's another lesson that I think has brought us so much good throughout college.

For as many times as we've cried of sadness, I think we've cried of laughter even more. The times we have had running around our college town have made the last four years memorable. Even the nights we have stayed in have been the most entertaining nights of my life (we are literally the biggest group of idiots I have ever met.) The past four years have held so many good memories together, and I'll never forget the time we got stuck in the elevator.

Remember when we all lived together? Thinking about leaving our college towns makes me feel sick not only because of how close we are, but how inseparable we used to be. We spent EVERY second of our time together, and the three of you became a second family to me. I'm going to miss everything about being near each other after graduation.

So here's to one last semester, the last hoorah. I know it's going to be filled with lots of laughs, random adventures doing random things, and lots and lots of giggles. 2019 may be the year we graduate, but I know nothing will stop our friendship after graduation.

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