A Letter To Discouraged College Students

A Letter To Discouraged College Students

A letter to every college student out there with final exams in two weeks


To my dear, suffering college friend,

Good afternoon! You're probably procrastinating your last few projects and your study session while you're reading this post or you might be lying in your bed ready to go to sleep. You're also probably worried that you're going to fail the final exams that are within a month from today. You're scared, tired, and just done with all this college stuff and wish winter break would just roll around so you could enjoy your time without deadlines and exams knocking on your door. You're sure that the final exam would bring your grades down to a failing grade and make you have to retake the course all over again or even worse, being kicked out of college and landing in the middle of nowhere with no degree and no job.

Unfortunately, there's nothing I could do to help you other than some words of encouragement and a pat on the back that would serve no purpose other than spreading germs everywhere; the is the cruel side of college, exams. However, there is something you could do to reduce the stress you have on yourself. By now you're down in the dumps and super down on yourself, probably thinking that you'll achieve nothing other than failing and the self-confidence in you is completely non-existent. Unfortunately, there is no time for you to be upset over yourself because exams are rolling over and if you couldn't pick yourself up right now you're going to get run over again and get down on yourself over and over again, creating an endless cycle of minimal self-worth.

Start by just taking a deep breath right now and take a few more afterward. Not only can it help clear your mind but you could also intake more oxygen which is good stuff. Now get yourself in the most comfortable before you even start to think or do anything. Studies have shown that a relaxed setting could help the mind relax and work efficiently. Drink some water or eating something if you need to, make yourself at home and forget everything else. Now that we're nice and comfortable we could start to think and plan. So many people just jump straight into working without knowing what steps to take and where to start causing more confusion, less confidence, and overall just wasting valuable time. We start out with what you need to improve on specifically. If you don't know where to start or what to improve on, look at past tests, quizzes, homework problems, exams, etc. to see where you messed up on. If you don't understand the class material email the TA's or professor or go into office hours for explanation and help. Now that we've located where your problem is we start planning: when are you able to study, what setting is best for you to study in, are you more of a group study person or solo study person. All these are questions you should ask yourself and once you've answered those questions start by doing practice problems. Practice is the key here, and the whole point of practice is to learn and become experienced, so don't be afraid to ask others for help or googling some ideas. Textbooks and notes help a lot here. One of the most important factors here is to not overload yourself. Do not go into studying spree and sleep for only 3 hours a day. The most important things to keep in mind is that a healthy lifestyle means a better study mindset, an energetic person with sufficient hours to sleep and eat can be ten times more productive than a tired person. Put down the phone and put your mind to studying; ignore any unnecessary distractions because once your attention is directed elsewhere, it takes about 15 minutes for your mind to readjust to a learning setting. Remember that you will always have people to talk to if you need help, academically or emotionally or spiritually.

When you dedicate your mind to studying you'll soon learn that you don't have time to be down on yourself and actually doing something productive. It's time to end this endless cycle of being down on yourself by not doing anything and then come back to being down on yourself for not doing anything. Think, plan, and do, don't hesitate or direct your attention to things that only hinder what needs to be done. Good luck and hopefully you'll come through.

Best wishes,

Johnny Chiu

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10 Things To Do If You Are In The D.C. Area This Holiday Season

There's nothing like Christmas in the Nation's Capital.


Looking for something fun to do during the holidays? Well, if you're in the D.C. area this holiday season, here are 10 fun things to do to get in the Christmas spirit!

Go see the National Christmas Tree.

The National Christmas Tree

A beloved tradition, the National Christmas Tree in Washington gathers spectators from all across the nation, and is truly a marvelous sight.

Visit the National Zoo at night to see the festive event, ZooLights.

The ZooLights

After many of the animals have gone to sleep, the zoo comes to life for the holiday season, with light displays sure to evoke that true spirit of Christmas.

Attend a Capitals game.

A Capitals Game

After last season's win of the Stanley Cup, the Washington Capitals have contagious energy that brings spirit to both the season and the game.

Go to a performance of The Nutcracker at the Warner Theater.

The Nutcracker

Witness Clara's journey with an American twist, as George Washington takes the role of the famous Nutcracker.

See the holiday display at the Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens

Enjoy festive floral displays, filled with poinsettias galore!

Visit the National Harbor to see the Gaylord’s ICE exhibit.

ICE at The Gaylord

Sculptures of ice make art a part of the holiday season at the Gaylord in the National Harbor. This year's focus on Rudolph is sure to excite all onlookers!

Stroll through the Downtown Holiday Market.

The Holiday Market

Open noon to eight daily from November 23rd to December 23rd, the Holiday Market, which is located on F Street between 7th and 9th and across from the National Portrait Gallery, has tons of gifts made by local artisans and small business owners.

Go ice skating at The National Gallery of Art.

Ice Skating at the National Gallery

Located in the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden, the ice skating rink makes for some good holiday fun in downtown D.C.

Walk through the D.C. City Center.

D.C. City Center

The City Center, which is home to many shops and restaurants as well as decorations that change every season, is a great place to experience some holiday lights and snag some great holiday photo opportunities.

See the holiday train display at Union Station.

Union Station Train Display

The wreathes and train displays in Union Station bring travelers and spectators alike Christmas cheer, with beautiful flowers and Christmas trees littering the station!

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