A Letter To Those Opposed To Disney's Beauty And The Beast
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A Letter To Those Opposed To Disney's Beauty And The Beast

So Lefou is going to have a gay moment in the upcoming remake of Disney's Beauty And The Beast? Way to Go!

A Letter To Those Opposed To Disney's Beauty And The Beast

Disney’s live action remake of the tale as old as time, Beauty And The Beast is just around the corner from premiering in theaters everywhere, well except one drive-in theater in my home state, Alabama.

Just this past week, an article was shared around confirming by the director Bill Condon, that Lefou, Gaston’s funny sidekick brought to life by Josh Gad (So fitting!) will have an openly gay moment in the upcoming film. The news brings a long praises for the LGBT+ community, but has also brought a long some uproar. My opinion, it’s been blown out of proportion. After reading both articles, the announcement and an article on the ban in the Alabama theater.

Coming from Alabama, I know my state is in the Bible Belt, as we call it. But it does not make sense to not show a movie for this reason, when plenty of other movies have been shown that has had characters in it who are part of the LGBT+ community. There has been plenty of movies. But they just didn’t have a big announcement as Disney did, but it is a big step for Disney. And I am proud of Disney and I am still excited to see the movie. And actually, I have always thought Lefou might be gay. Not at the time when I was a child, but now watching the movie as an adult, it is very clear. The whole song “Gaston” can justify. I would give it a listen and rethink.

I am a Christian, I am straight, I stand by my faith. But that does not defy what movies, TV shows, or other performances that I watch. It does not defy who I am friends with. I can sit through a movie or show regardless the content and not question my faith. Except for scary movies, I don’t question my faith, I just get really scared so I don’t watch many.

It’s not just this Alabama theater. People are beginning to “boycott” and sign a petition(I literally saw this float around facebook, I do not understand what it’s going to do.) Just because of a ‘gay’ moment in a movie. But we can have movies that show lying, stealing, violence, nudity, cursing, adultery, etc. and that’s ok? But a simple moment in a Disney movie that could actually give a positive impact on the LGBT+ community as well as members who are still hiding, afraid to come out. Here is finally a Disney character they can look at. Yes, Lefou is a sidekick to Gaston, the villain. But still a loveable character. And that should be what’s important. Love.

When it comes down to it, we all need to open our minds more. It is 2017. There are bigger issues than fussing over a movie. We still watch many movies and TV shows in which has LGBT+ characters as well as actors a part of the LGBT+ community, so this movie doesn’t change anything. It is just a big and awesome step for Disney, and better look at the character Lefou in Disney’s Beauty And The Beast. And if you disagree with the choice, or can not sit through it then don’t. But you do not have to spread hate and ruin for everyone else. It’s 2017 and nothing looks like it is going to change, so learn to love more and judge less. You will feel better if you do.

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