An Open Letter To My Humans As I Turn 1 This Weekend

An Open Letter To My Humans As I Turn 1 This Weekend

It's been a great adventure so far.

Alyssa Paluch

To my human family,

It's Maya, your favorite pup. I can't believe I will be one year old on Sunday. In just a few short days, puppy life will be over, but the love will continue. I promise you that.

My "gotcha day" was in December, but it feels like just yesterday when you took me home. I was just two months old! I was scared and looked very tiny in the old crate. I had my pink blankie with me because it smelled like my old home and my other puppy friends. Remember when you visited me and watched me fight with them?

Daddy picked me because I was the most playful. I loved to bite and jump and run around frantically, but afterward, I always crashed and slept.

I want you all to know that I knew it was a pain trying to train me. I'm sowwy for that, but I grew out of it! I must say I was pretty proud of myself for learning how to hit the bells at the door so quickly. You then knew that I had to go potty outside.

I had a few accidents here and there, and sometimes I still do. I am sowwy for that, too. But they are just accidents and sometimes I don't know.

During my first year with you, I experienced my first autumn, my first snow, my first Eagles game on TV (including the game when Cody Parkey double-doinked and you guys were super happy), and our first Christmas as a whole family. I had many firsts, too many to name. But they were all fun!

At one point, I had some problems, but I grew out of those, too! I was sluggish and tired all the time, and I always wanted to cuddle and sleep. I'm sowwy for putting you through so many switches in puppy food. I got sick sometimes, but now, I love my food! It's so yummy, and I haven't had a tummy issue in months.

In the beginning, all I wanted to do was play. I was a little girl full of sass, and I nipped a lot. I'm sowwy for the cuts, scrapes, and sometimes bruises. I always gave kisses to help feel better. I will admit that I grew out of biting while playing, and I am as gentle as can be. I still love playing, so don't get too comfortable!

I am good with kids, especially babies. I give them all my love with kisses. I used to get very excited when you guys got home, but not as much anymore (if you see where I'm going with this). But with strangers, it still happens. I can't help it; I love attention!

I have learned to love my crate. It is roomy and spacious, and it's a comfortable sleeping place at night. I am so thankful for the treats and bones you get me from the pet store, and I enjoy playing with all of my toys. My favorite one is my pink bone that makes noises!

I have learned to love to cuddle, too, especially with Mommy. I love belly rubs and playing with Daddy and my brothers. I also love my sister's bed and snoozing there. When I'm bad, I turn up for a belly rub so I can get out of a scolding!

My first year has been the greatest, but I know it will just get greater and greater in the next many years. Thank you for giving me a wonderful home to live in, and you are the best family.

I love you all so much, and happy 1st birthday to me! (Get me doggie ice cream and cake.)


Maya / Mama / Mama Bear / Maya Papaya

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