Open Letter for His Future Wife

To The Girl Who's Marrying My Best Friend

Here's to you and your union.

You are a very special and lucky woman.

I never had any concrete guy friends before tenth grade. My age, at least. There were some guys who lived on my street, but they were all older than me, so I rarely get to see them, and there were a couple of good guys in my own grade, but no one I was really, really "chummy" with, you know what I mean?

Then tenth grade came and I got to meet a very nice guy, your future husband.

We didn't become close until midway through, almost at the end of the year. But when we did, I knew I had found a new person I could trust, someone to add to my, admittedly somewhat small, circle of friends. He's a guy who tries and makes all the effort to do the right thing, do right by himself and the people he loves. He shows the utmost respect to anyone, no matter what race, color, gender, sexuality, and background they are, and is always there to lend a helping hand. I knew I was lucky enough that he was willing to help pull me out of my many funks.

As the years went by, our relationship changed (on my end, at least). I started to no longer see him as a friend, but he became more like a brother. The brother I never had, but always wanted. Someone who I could trust with my deepest, personal secrets that I only tell the people I'm really close to. Someone who's always there for me, and always has my back, no matter what I'm going through. Someone who accepts me and doesn't care that I'm flawed, and doesn't give me harsh judgment.

And now, that brother's about to get married. To you.

I only met you once, at the graduation party, but I've seen pictures from what he posts on Instagram. But I genuinely doubt I need to know much to know that he's very much in love with you. And he can't wait until you become his wife. I know we don't know each other as much, but I hope that can change, even if we live in different states. It's a bit bittersweet, seeing a good friend depart and move away to start a bigger and better life, but hopefully this will be one long-distance friendship that can, one: extend to all three of us and two: be something that'll never break.

I can't wait to be at your wedding and see where the future leads for the two of you. I wish for only the best because you two deserve as much happiness as the world can give you. No matter what, no matter where we are in the country, always know that I'm in your corner; now both of yours. Until the very end.

I wish you the best of luck and joy in your future with an awesome guy.

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