Let's Review SoMo's New Album: "The Answers"
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Let's Review SoMo's New Album: "The Answers"

It's got my vote.

Let's Review SoMo's New Album: "The Answers"

If you didn't know, SoMo, (A.K.A. one of the most talented musicians out there) released his sophomore album on Friday (and if you didn't know, now you do). Being the SoMo fan that I am, I'm here to spread the news of the masterpiece of an album and give you a track-by-track review of "The Answers".

Strap yourself in because it's gonna get crazy.

1. Intro

Most artists have their intro be just music, or sometimes it's them talking about the album (SoMo has done this on his last mixtape). This sounds like it could have been a full song but then he was like "I have a better idea" because it gives you a preview of what the album is about (spoiler, its most likely his ex and the highs and lows of their relationship). I'm just gonna say that the beat in this song is great. Like at first I was like hmm but then he started singing and I was like okay I love this.

2. Mirror



I listened to this album at 2 a.m. in the dark, and my roommates were dead asleep, and when this song came on I was just sitting in my bed like:

I mean we knew SoMo was into some freaky shit but DAMN he really knows how to get someone's heart rate going. This song is awesome, great, a banger, fun, sexy, and basically any other word that means amazing. If he sings this on tour I'm gonna die. RIP to me.

***I do not recommend listening to this song at work, in public, around children or the elderly, or your parents or else it's gonna get really awkward.***

3. First

When I first heard this song, it quickly became one of my favorites. It is a classic SoMo song, slow beats, sensual music, and sexual lyrics. SoMo basically majored in "how to make girls hot in 2 seconds" before he started making music. I've also seen this track performed live and it evokes the same mood, proving once again that he knows how to make music.

4. Champion

This song was apart of the early release schedule, so if you pre-ordered the album, you got this song on March 10th. It was a blessing. It's not the typical SoMo music I was used to, but once I listened to it I was hooked. It's one of those songs that you jam to on your way to work, school, a meeting, a date, a night out, basically anything.

It's a feel-good song that can cheer you up or hype you up. I have sang this so loudly in my car to the person next to me more times than I can admit.

5. Play

This was the first song he released in 2017 from this album. He teased us for like 2 weeks about it and it was torture. We were dying for new SoMo music and when this finally released, here is what our fan-base looked like:

It's fun, bubbly, and just a tad sensual. The perfect combination for a hit song. (Now if only we could get it to go to radio, the world would be blessed.)

6. Control

This song was the first new SoMo that we had in so long. Instantly, it became the captions to so many Instagrams, and probably a go-to track in so many people's bedrooms. This song was lucky enough to be on the set list for his last tour as well, and it was another amazing performance (I'll say that about every performance because it's true). I'm so excited to hear this again on his upcoming tour! Give it a listen, if you don't love it too, then you're insane.

7. Over

At first you're like hmm I could get into this and then when he starts singing the pre-chorus you're like:

I've also sang this too loudly in the car, and it's only been 2 days since the release. He makes great music, I'm telling you facts.

8. Curve

UGH THIS SONG. My first listen and I was like "yeah this a great song!" and then the second listen I was like "THIS IS A GREAT SONG I MUST TELL EVERYONE."

And so I have, everyday on my twitter feed. It reminds me of 2000s R&B, and then the lyrics are just a perfect match, and the whole thing is just magnificent. This is my other favorite that I'm most excited to see on tour.

9. Do You

Okay, here is my thing about this song. It was released on his Youtube channel, no promo. It wasn't a single, there was no "selling" this song. During soundcheck at the last show I went to, he even told us that it "wasn't an album song" it was just something he wrote about one day and uploaded it.

Fast forward to March AND THIS BITCH PLAYED US AND PUT THE SONG ON THE ALBUM ANYWAYS. I was hyped to see this song on the track list, because I could listen to his singing "love" in the background forever, like his voice is so beautiful. Anyways, A plus SoMo, A plus decision.

10. Want It


Sorry, this song is just another great piece of music I actually listened to it for a whole day on repeat. Literally no other music was in my room, car, work space, or phone for a whole day. You don't just do that to a mediocre track. Take a listen and see for yourself, if it doesn't make you feel some type of way....how did you even get this far on the playlist?

11. Just A Man

I honestly was trying to come up with something to say but I really can't. The raw emotion that you can feel when he sings this is incredible. The day this came out, I went to sleep with it on repeat. It's just so smooth and soulful and he really tells a story with this one.

12. Answers

Here is footage of me when I listen to this song:

And then here is footage of me when I think about him performing it on tour and singing to the crowd:

My emotions always get the best of me, and this song is so...I don't even have an adjective that could describe it. I'll just keep saying poetically beautiful. Try to listen without getting emotional, you can't.

"The answers...they're right there in front of me"

12. You

I don't know why this song was offered as a bonus track. Usually artists will add bonus tracks because the songs aren't that great, or they don't really fit on the album, but this song could be a single and go #1 on radio (and by the power of Team SoMo I'm confident in that). It starts out with that slow buildup to the chorus and then the beat drops and you're like:

And yes, I've blasted this from my car too.

This album was SO worth the 3 year wait, and you can tell SoMo put his heart and soul into writing and recording each song. I'm so so so proud of him for not only releasing his second album, but also announcing his eighth headlining tour this spring. You deserve all the success in the world, and we can't wait to see your smiling face on the road!

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