Let’s Refocus On Being Humans And Not Politicians

Being politically involved with your government is important not only for you and your family, but for future generations. However, there is a fine line that politics should not cross. That line may differ from person to person, but that line should undoubtedly be at family. Growing up, politics and religion were strictly off limits at family gathering (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) and I never understood why. Thanks to social media, I now understand.

Politics, when uncalled for, ruins relationships of all kinds.

What I mean by this is that is bringing up politics during every conceivable situation. If I post a meme on Facebook, that does not mean that you are allowed to somehow make it about Trump or our government or how "Obama ruined this nation". You might think this is obvious, but I've had people on my Facebook that actually did this. Let's not even talk about when I actually mentioned politics. I pretty much got beat up verbally for any opinion that wasn't the same as theirs.

Believe it or not, people can have different opinions than you.

I love debates when I'm not talking to a wall. I love talking to people and seeing different viewpoints and having others respectfully listen to mine. However, that sadly isn't how it always goes. In fact, it usually ends up in a screaming match when in person or absolute braindead responses when online. All this aside, why even get so gung-ho on politics anyways when there are way bigger issues to discuss?

One example that we should be talking about outside of politics is the huge issue that is sex trafficking, especially in our lovely city of Atlanta. There's the issue of puppy mills still in business, drug addicts that need help, homelessness. What is screaming about politics online going to do? Honestly? What is really going to happen?

Rather than you reposting unfunny political memes, you could post anything else. I promise you that your friends and family online would rather hear about that new job promotion, anything about your dog, something cool you saw while on a walk. Not about politics 24/7. I can understand if something significant happened in our government and you want to post about it, but not constantly. If it gets to a point where you're actually banned from your favorite social media site from how much you talk about politics, it may be a sign to step back a little bit.

Like I said, being involved with politics is really important, especially for younger people because they're not usually aware of what's going on. However, shoving your political opinions down peoples throats unprovoked is not going to help anyone. Calling someone a "liberal" as a way to insult someone is not going to help anyone. Insulting for someone's opinion is not going to help anyone and probably won't change their mind in the slightest. Remember not to let politics get in the way of really meaningful relationships with friends and family. It isn't worth destroying something that priceless.

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