11 Reasons We Go To GADS
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Student Life

11 Reasons We Go To GADS

GADS, also more formally known as Great American Donut Shop, is a right of passage for all WKU students.

11 Reasons We Go To GADS

If you are a Bowling Green native, a WKU student or just visiting for the weekend, and you don’t already know exactly what people mean when they say, “Let’s go to GADS,” you will very soon find out. GADS, also more formally known as Great American Donut Shop, is a right of passage for all WKU students. It is not only a donut shop on the bypass, it is about 11 different things wrapped into one.

1. It is your go-to when nothing else is open.

Welcome to Bowling Green, where everything closes early and you learn very quickly what doesn’t: Taco Bell, Rally’s, Mass Media and GADS. Of course, out of all of those options, GADS is the best and the most turned to.

2. It is the after-party after the party.

What better way to keep the party going than to stuff your face with warm, fluffy, hit-the-spot donuts? GADS has been the host of some serious after parties that I know will remain one of my dearest WKU memories.

3. It is where you go when you are too poor for the grocery store.

Which is about every month. For the great price of 89 cents, you can be a proud owner of a yummy, fresh-out-of-the-oven donut!

4. It is where you go to admire the art of donut making.

Making donuts requires some serious skill. Not only do you get to visit GADS and get a delicious treat, you also get free entertainment from the people making the donuts. It is a for sure win-win.

5. It is a stress-free zone.

What can possibly be stressful about eating a well-priced donut? Exactly.

6. It is the place you turn to for smells that will send you straight to food heaven.

Tired of smelling the aromas of your roommate(s)? Or how about that communal bathroom down the hall? Yeah, they all get kind of sickening at times. GADS offers a refresher for your nose.

7. It is the hallmark of food places.

Need a present for your special person or maybe your BFF is having a bad day? Get them a donut and tell them it is from GADS. It will make their day. I promise.

8. It is the epitome of procrastination.

We all do it. But do we all do it at GADS? If you don’t, you should. At least you’re not sitting at home starring at a wall procrastinating. No, you got yourself out of bed, put clothes on and made your way to GADS in order to procrastinate. (So much better.)

9. It is a Bowling Green landmark.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you don’t go to WKU or live in BG and you are just visiting, trust me, you will learn about GADS. Then once you have it, your life will be changed forever.

10. It is the next morning after the party remedy.

It is good for when you are still partying and it is good for when you are done partying, and you feel like death.

11. It is the spot that holds so many memories that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Great American Donut Shop will forever be more than a donut shop. It will be my friends, my funny stories, my embarrassing stories, my hangry (hungry-angry) stories, and my WKU stories.

Thanks, GADS. Thank you for being more than just your average donut shop. I'm sure I will be seeing you soon!

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