I am weak

I am hopeless

I am faithless

I am tired

I am lost

Without you I am alone

But I refuse to acknowledge

your presence in my life

Because I am determined

to fix myself on my own

I am your masterpiece

A machine only you know how to work

You know my words before they are spoken

My thoughts before they are formed

My strengths my weaknesses

My vices and my passions

I cannot escape your love

I cannot escape your grace

Even though it is glaring in my face

Every day you are with me

But I still feel alone

I have tried too long to run from you

But I am done

I cannot handle this life without you

I am giving up

and giving my pain to you

Hold me and make me stronger

Lead me to where I need to be

Because right now I cannot see

I am blinded by own ignorance

I am letting go

and I am letting YOU take hold of my life again.