I had never lived away from home until this past school year. I always shared my space with my parents and my two older brothers, and the last three years with my dog. Being back at home after a year away with only a few breaks in-between is weird, for lack of a better word.

I got used to having my own space, doing what I want to do, and being to myself. I could do my laundry and dishes when I wanted to, there was no sharing a bathroom with annoying brothers.

Now that I'm back home, I have to adjust to being back in a crowded, loud space. I have my own room in my house like most people, but everyone in my house is loud, noisy, and they like to have the TV volume turned up to the loudest setting possible.

It is not that I don't love my family or being back at home with my dog, but I enjoyed having peace and quiet. That happens very little at my house unless it's late at night.

Which is the exact reason why I needed to find a summer job so I wasn't sitting in my house all summer surrounded by noise.

While my job will have me in a noisy position, it is more manageable than my own family's noise. Being back at home I have to readjust to my mom asking me to do things around the house, and trying to organize everything I brought home with me.

The last week, since I came home, has been difficult to adjust to. It makes me long for going back to school already, not for the work part, but to have my own space again and some quiet time.

I'm excited to be home with my friends and my dog and look forward to what the summer is bringing me, but I do not look forward to continuing to adjust to being back at home for the next three months. Give me my studio apartment and some peace and quiet now, please.