Important Lessons From Venezuelan Revolt
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Three Important Lessons From The Venezuelan Revolt

Tyranny isn't history, it's a constant part of human nature.

Three Important Lessons From The Venezuelan Revolt

What was once South America's wealthiest nation descended into collapse, starvation, protest, bloodshed, increased oppression, and now revolt. In 2019, Venezuela shows us that we can still observe the dangers of large government. These dangers are ever-present but have been brought to the spotlight as revolt has spread across the South American nation.

"If the military have the guns, they have the power."


This quote is not mine, in fact, ironically it belongs to Kerry Sanders, a reporter for the leftist's news agency 'MSNBC,' and was stated in response to the current conflict in Venezuela (oops). The Venezuelan government banned private firearm ownership in 2012 with the claim that it was for "safety", We are now seeing its true purpose. The foundation for the second amendment and gun advocates is the importance of the people holding power in the face of governments which are not only capable but extremely likely of abusing the life and liberty of their citizens. Conservatives like myself say it over and over again, and the left refuses to acknowledge it. We all claim that we study history so we are not doomed to repeat it; it's time to stop pretending you're a student of history if you support gun control. Venezuela has seen intense government violence as the people have decided to resist the socialist government which they feel does not represent them properly. The citizens are fish in a barrel in the face of their military. Fortunately, however, large proportions of Venezuelan military and police have sided with the citizens, a privilege which is not always seen in the face of government tyranny. Over the past few months and especially now we have seen numerous governmental abuses in the country including citizens being shot, arrested, and plowed into by an armored vehicle.

Socialism is inherently unstable.

Zbynek Burival

Even when one of the largest oil exporters in the world is government owned, and the income is utilized to fund their social programs, socialism is still unstable. If Venezuelan struggles, such as hyperinflation at rates as high as 10 million percent and eating zoo animals in the face of food shortages, sound good to you, keep standing idly by as millennials preach about bringing (more) socialism to America.

Socialism fuels corruption.

Matthew T Rader

The more control the goverment has, the more power can be abused. Socialism does not mean equality; it creates a hierarchy like any other system. Unlike capitalism, in which the hierarchy is based on who contributes to the economy most effectively, power in these regimes is based on corruption and despotism, and wealth is not determined by how much someone has contributed to their fellow man. Only Venezuelan elites of the socialist political party and businessmen who thrive under its policies are able to live comfortably while their fellow countrymen starve. Venezuelan government and military officials also gain incredible wealth through drug trafficking which is uncorrected in a socialist country in which the same government officials hold so much power.

Shortsighted sentiments have grown in America in recent years which are blind to historical truths; including, but not limited to, gun control and socialism. Whenever these policies have reared their ugly heads, suffering has ensued. Americans pretend that their repercussions are side effects of the past, issues which cannot exist in modern society...Venezuela begs to differ.

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