10 Things To Learn From 'Star Wars'
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10 Things To Learn From 'Star Wars'

10 Things To Learn From 'Star Wars'

A new age of "Star Wars" is among us. More movies. More books (yes there are books, only the true nerds know) and well, just what we love: more "Star Wars." But also will it mean more amazing quotes? does it mean more life lessons? The six Star Wars films are jam packed with lessons we can carry in our lives. So while we prepare for the new chapters of the Star Wars world, let's take a look back at the lessons learned from the first six chapters. My the gifs and lessons begin!

Shut Up Admiral Ackbar! This is not a trap.

1. The "odds" are your enemy.

The odds are one in a million. Well! I will take those odds. Eveything you want to accomplish has some kind of odds stacked up against you. Those odds are illusions . They will distort you from living your dreams and accomplishing your goals.

2. Loyalty in friendship is important.

Hans and Chewies friendship wins it all. "Star Wars" teaches us a lot about the importance of loyalty and friendship and the consequences of when you don't value it and you betray it. So ask yourself. "Would you risk your life to help your friends destroy a Death Star?"

3. Girls, you can be a princess and kick butt!

Princess Leia is a role model I want my girls to have. I mean, talk about a strong, beautiful, smart, independent woman. This girl can make a long white cloak dress look sexy, and she also knows how to handle a DDC Defender. Even when she is tortured by Darth Vader (thanks, “Dad") for information regarding the location of the Rebel base, she stays strong. As a young girl, I looked up to Leia instead of more Barbie-like female characters. Because who wants a Dream House with Ken when you can be the adventurous Princess of Alderaan and have an epic love story with Han?

4. Disbelief never did anyone any good (the force).

When learning how to use the force Luke said, "I don't believe it."

to which Yoda responded:

Just because you can't see it yet doesn't mean you can't get it. Luke finally tried hard enough, he finally believed in the force and more importantly himself. And because he did those things he was able to move things with the force, wield a lightsaber well and many other things. When we give up easily because we do not believe it what we want to accomplish or see what we want we have already failed.

Also if we try really hard to learn how to wield the force we could help people turn their lives around like Obi Wan did…

5. Your eyes don't always tell you the truth.

When learning how to use the force Obi Wan told Luke to Stretch out his feeling because his eyes can decide him and not to trust them. This can be used in a sense of do not judge a book by its cover and not everything is as it seems. Your eyes may see one thing, but your feelings will tell you something different. Trust your gut.

6. Don't follow along with what everyone else is doing.

Don't just follow someone because that's what everyone else is doing. That person could be a fool who is just really good at telling lies. You will end up looking more foolish. Stand by your beliefs. Don't just follow anyone, because you could be following a moron.

7. Your obstacles and mistakes in life make you stronger.

Yes he died, I know.( Sorry if I spoiled it for you but the movies have been around since the 80s, go get cultured, friends.) But forget that for a bit, we see what happened with Luke when he overcame what put him down and we also see that in everyday life when we learn from our mistakes and overcome the problems that are put in front of us, we do become stronger.

8. Fear leads to nothing good.

Count Dooku said to Anakin, "I sense great fear in you, Skywalker. You have hate. You have anger. But you don't use them," during this fight in "Revenge of The Sith."

But in Episode I, Yoda said:

Anakin, not Dooku, listened to words like this (Dooku never heard these but Anakin did) and Dooku ended up with no head and Anakin ended up looking like this:

So yeah, fear does lead to suffering. You may not end up with no head or looking like a slowly decaying pale corpse, but if you let your fear take over everything, rule your life, your mind will become a pirson to that fear and nothing good will come of it. We must over come our fears, Luke did. Hans did. Leia did. And look what happened to them? When we over come our fears great things do happen.

9. Don't stand next to a window in a fight.

Mace Winu stood next to a window and was forced to have a flying lesson… but he was dead already when he went flying… I think. But yeah, don't stand next to a window when you fight.

10. Remember: always let the wookie win.

They can pull your arms out of your sockets. So please... let the wookie win. So next time you go to a fight… bring a wookie... well, it might have to be a costume.

So, my friends, may the force be with you and I hope to see all you stormtroopers and jedis on December 17.

And remember, if you are taller than the doorway, Stormtrooper, be careful.

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