How To Throw A Galentine's Day Party
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13 Tips To Throw A Leslie Knope Approved Galentine's Day Bash

Galentine's Day is the best day to celebrate, just to celebrate!

13 Tips To Throw A Leslie Knope Approved Galentine's Day Bash

If you ever watched Parks and Rec, you know how much of a blast Galentine's Day can be. With these simple ideas, you can have a Galentine's Day party that rivals those of Leslie Knope.

Adorable Invites

The first step to throwing a great party is getting everyone there. An adorable invitation like this will ensure the all your friends are there and ready to party.

Waffle Bar

Waffles are probably the most important part of a Galentine's Day bash. Take it one step further and set up a gourmet waffle bar.

Party Games

Everybody loves playing games. Adult card games will help to keep your party and conversation lively.

Aesthetically Pleasing Decor

Etsy is always filled with the perfect table decor for any party. Balloons and banners will help bring your party to


Not sure what to get everyone? This list will help you come up with an idea for everyone.


I wouldn't want to eat anything other than waffles, but some people might. Pinterest has a million brunch recipes to satisfy a crowd.

Drink Markers

The more you drink, the easier it is to mix up whose was whose. These drink markers are both adorable and help to prevent this.

Mimosa Bar

You may think that all you need to make a mimosa is champagne and OJ, but you'd be wrong. This mimosa bar takes it to the next level.

Goodie Bags

Don't have a ton of money to spend on a party like this? Simple gift bags can be super cute too.

Instagram Backdrop

Trust me, you're gonna want to take pictures. Ensuring that you have a good backdrop for your photoshoots makes all the difference.

 Arts & Crafts

Crafting can also be a super fun group activity. These DIY bathbombs are hilarious and practical.

Comfy Clothes

Comfy clothes are also essential to Galentine's day. This adorable GAP pajama set will keep you cozy.

 Killer Playlists

Is making a playlist too much pressure for you? Spotify is filled with other people's playlist that will totally do the trick.

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