I've been thinking a lot about legacies and following creative paths lately.

This year has been an interesting one because my music blog went from being a little idea in my head to a reality.

One day, I just thought up the name "Generation Clash" and I wrote it down, but I never got back to it. Out of the blue, I realized how crazy my record collection is and I figured that it would be an awesome idea to really dig into my collection and showcase all the amazing albums I've found.

I know the backstory to every album in my collection, so I could finally present my knowledge and allow others to hear about these albums and artists.

The majority of my collection is made up of albums I've only seen once. Very few of them, I've ever seen even twice. I have a lot of promotional albums, and my collection is amazing because I've found so many albums from a totally different era and gotten into so many albums I didn't expect to get into.

It's a blast to do it because I keep coming up with great ideas every week, and I have so many cool albums to share! It's awesome to tell my backstories and present new music too.

Back to the topic of legacies, I keep having these overwhelming thoughts at times about exposure. I want my blog to be known because I really feel that it is an awesome concept in this day and age. It's awesome to see someone from one era, finding and getting heavily into a whole other era of music.

It needs to be presented in this day and age because the musical scope has changed, and I hope it inspires people to dig deeper than what is put in front of us. We end up just diving into whatever is placed in front of us because no other alternative is presented.

It takes a lot to really search and find what you relate to, but it is worth it. You get to find all this cool music, and you get to meet a lot of amazing people along the way.

From what some good friends have told me, "Good things take time." and exposure is really difficult, so keep finding creatives and connecting.

Through this, I've realized that a legacy is great, but it means nothing if you don't have great people to share it with. The people you meet are the ones you impact and that impact matters more than big success.

You're already a success because you took a chance and created your own universe.

It's a risk to truly be creative because there is this societal opposition to change and being different. Don't let this fool you.

It's the people who are different and the ones who take risks that make an impact.

They stand out in a crowd, and the world needs to see this.

Everyone is capable of their own original vision, and we have to bring these visions to life.

Don't hesitate to be who you are and do what you feel.