Things Every Girl Needs To Leave Behind In The New Year
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7 Things Every Girl Needs To LEAVE In 2019, Besides Cat-Eye Sunglasses And Kylie Jenner

New year, new attitude, new you.

7 Things Every Girl Needs To LEAVE In 2019, Besides Cat-Eye Sunglasses And Kylie Jenner

This year has been rough, but next year is gonna be our year ladies!

No more bull crap. We need to leave all those things that deprive us of our happiness behind!

Getting rid of these seven things will make you a better and happier person in 2020.

1. Toxic Friendships


We all have them, and they are one of the WORST things ever. This year we need to officially rid them of our lives. If they aren't helping your happiness, let them go!

2. Negativity


We all have a tendency to be negative Nancies sometimes, but it's time for a change. If this year is going to be your year, you can't ruin it with your negative thinking! It's time to be positive and do things that make you happy!

3. Diets And Easy Fixes


Focus on having a healthy mind and lifestyle! Do not go head first into diets and medicines and everything else that is out there, because you will more than likely gain it all back. Losing weight slowly by creating healthy life habits will be better for you and your health in the long run.

4. Regrets


Just enjoy life! Don't worry about your mistakes, just learn from them and move on. You do not need to wallow in self-pity because you regret a decision.

5. Jealousy


Jealousy ruins literally everything! If you let it it can ruin your self-esteem, your relationships, your happiness, and much more. Figure out what is causing your jealousy and find a solution.

In order to be happy, you've got to let it go!

6. Procrastination


This one hits me hard! Let's not push off those deadlines to the very last second. In order to relax, we need to give ourselves time to do what needs to be done. I suggest breaking things up and splitting them into hours/days to give yourself breaks.

7. Spending All Your Time Online


I feel as if every year we stop spending more and more time outside. How about we get out from behind the screens we love so much and spend time with those who make us happy?

Go outside. Go out with your girls. Go spend time with your family. It's not that hard, literally all you have to do is put your device down for an hour. You'll see that going out and doing things with those you care about will bring you so much more happiness than these silly screens.

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