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10 Things That Can Stay In 2018

Can we be done with avocado craze, please?

10 Things That Can Stay In 2018

This has certainly been an eventful year. From serious things like the #MeToo movement to comical things like the introduction of Gritty the mascot, 2018 has been a year to remember. We have started some great trends this year, however, these 10 things need to end with 2018. There were a lot of options to choose from, but in an attempt to avoid getting political, I think these are 10 things we can all agree on that should not follow us into 2019. Hopefully, in 2019, we can see fewer people eating tide pods, playing Fortnite, and watching people eat insane amounts of food for fun.

1. Fortnite

Grown men playing a video game against each other and 12 year olds instead of doing something important seems like something that should die a painful death, in my opinion. Also, stop doing the fortnite dance. Just stop.

2. Mukbang

For those of you who don't know, mukbang is an online trend in which someone films themselves eating obscene amounts of food and some people absolutely love it. Why? Who the hell knows.

3. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's engagement

They made a mockery of the institution of marriage and probably need to step back from the spotlight. I don't deny their talent, but their decision-making abilities are laughable.

4. Everything avocado

Avocado toast was all the craze this year and while I'm not denying avocado's deliciousness, the obsession is a little ridiculous.

5. Grey sweatpants


If I see one more frat douchebag roll up to class in grey sweatpants, I'm going to lose it. I know you are just rolling out of bed and heading straight to class, but the least you could do is have a little decorum if you're going to be out in public.

6. Half-naked girls on Instagram

I'm going to make this very clear. If I do not follow a page on Instagram that features half-naked girls, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HALF-NAKED GIRLS ON MY INSTAGRAM. I'm just trying to scroll through Instagram while eating a whole bag of chips in peace, ok?

7. Tekashi 6ix9ine

This guy is a disgusting excuse for a human and besides being a literal gang member, he's a pretty shitty rapper. However, now that he's probably going to prison, we won't have to hear his awful music anymore, thank god.

8. Eating things you absolutely shouldn't eat 

Anyone remember the whole tide pods thing? Yeah, that was this year. I think most people stopped eating tide pods after they realized they are, in fact, not a nutritious snack, but I still don't know why people started eating them in the first place, to be honest.

9. Gritty

This dude is absolutely terrifying and I'm honestly surprised he hasn't popped up in one of my nightmares yet. Whoever thought that this thing would be a perfect mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers needs some serious help.

10. Sexual assault

Sorry to ruin the overall comical tone of this article, but this is too important. I really hope in 2019 we can finally end the absolutely heinous amounts of sexual assault that happens in this country and maybe this can be the year we finally end something that should have ended 50 years ago.

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