Learning To Laugh At Yourself

Learning To Laugh At Yourself

Being perfect is overrated and being funny is much more rewarding.

So, this week has surely gotten the best of me. It’s been seven long days of constant mishaps, some self-inflicted, others out of my control, and a feeling of if I seemed to have walked upon this Earth with a giant target on my back. I’d be dramatic and annoying if I pretended that some of the problems I’ve had this week were actual problems. No one in my family died, I didn’t get diagnosed with cancer, and I had a place to sleep and food on my table. It was just a steady flow of those little annoying hiccups that have the potential to ruin your day, more so than something drastic like plane flying into your house.

If I held it I dropped it. If I walked more than ten feet I stumbled over air. I almost caused four wrecks- one of which was in someone else’s car. I studied for three tests, forgot to turn in two assignments and showed up late to a lab. I had a random dental procedure and contracted a cold. I accidentally blasted rap music in the middle of the student center and I made a total fool of myself in front of a professor. I had two fights with my boyfriend and was a horrible best friend on more than one occasion. I forgot to respond to important text messages and failed to show up to one of my volunteer opportunities. In several different scenarios, my mouth would open and a string of unfiltered words- some of which I was proud of and a majority of which that lacked comprehension- came flowing out.

My mind was just elsewhere. I had a hard time with actually being where my feet were planted and it caused me to basically screw up every task I attempted this week. I was a failure. But as I sit here and reflect this Sunday, I think I’ve learned a lesson more valuable than any other- sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and move on.

Life is heavy, and it will bog you down. It’ll pile up at your doorstep, it’ll overflow your email inbox, it’ll blow up your cell phone, and fill your planner to the brim. Life is constantly moving and the harder you try to be perfect the more you fall. So you have to learn to relax and laugh.

Chuckle at spilling coffee on yourself and proudly wear your stain to class. Dance to the music you play in your car and giggle when you notice the guy at the red light staring. Laugh when you fall, laugh when you embarrass yourself. Just laugh. A lot that happens in this world is totally out of our control, so save your grief for those moments.

Cry only when it is out of your hands. Pout only when you’ve been undeservingly wronged. Otherwise, laugh. When you hurt feelings apologize and let go. When you make mistakes move on. Find joy in the fact that you’re living and that doing your best is better than doing nothing at all. This week I’ve learned that being perfect is for the birds, and being a tad bit insane is much more fun. So today I’m laughing. I’m singing and I’m dancing and I’m smiling, and you should too.

We’re far too young and far too awesome to sit and loathe in self pity and not enjoy this cool Earth we’ve been planted on. So this next week I urge you to laugh.

“To make mistakes is human; to stumble is commonplace; to be able to laugh at yourself is maturity.” - William Arthur Ward

Cover Image Credit: preachingholiness.com

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Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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