What I Learned At Lollapalooza
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What I Learned At Lollapalooza

Glitter smudged thoughts & tips for my fellow festival-goers.

What I Learned At Lollapalooza
Julia Grace Hill

A two-hour drive, one prohibited aerosol can of sunscreen, two factory-sealed water bottles, a fanny pack and one gnarly blister. This is my Lollapalooza experience summed up into a list of 10 things I learned.

Even if you don't look burnt, you probably are

I was convinced that I was some sort of sun goddess when I came out from a nine-hour festival day with no sunburn. But, the next day I awoke to a pink nose and a pulsing hair-part -- ouch!

People think bodysuits are a full outfit

I mean, wear what you want, but bodysuits are meant to go under shorts or a skirt. More power to the people who wore it anyway.

Plan (or don't, it doesn't really matter)

With so many bands playing at once, it's a good idea to have a roughed-out plan for the day. But don't sweat it too much! No matter what happens, you're going to have fun.

Put your phone away

I took one photo the entire day, which is a bit minimalist compared to my usual routine of taking pictures of every cup of coffee I order and every cute thing I come across. I felt like I was much more present in the moment and was enjoying myself more when I didn't have my phone out. Stay connected to the music, and hope that your friends are taking lots of pictures (like mine were).

If you think you saw Malia Obama, it's probably her

So, yes, I stood 2 feet away from Malia Obama. I didn't even comprehend this until I saw secret service men with earpieces standing off at a distance. Needless to say, I wish I would've said hi/been best friends with her. But for a consolation prize, my friend has a video of her flipping someone off -- good deal!

Iced coffee is not a substitute for water

I was sure that the ice cubes in my plastic cup of coffee were going to be enough water for the day, until I started feeling super light-headed. Water is necessary, this is why they have free water refill stations. Be smart, stay hydrated.

Buy earplugs or go deaf

OK, that's an exaggeration. I didn't have any earplugs, but as my body was being rattled by the bass, I looked around and realized everyone else did. Play it safe and bring earplugs.

Smaller stages can be more fun than headliners

On our way to Flume after being trampled and feeling slightly claustrophobic, I realized that being close and connected to a band is far more enjoyable to me than being stepped and jumped on by hundreds of other people. Sure, mosh pits seem like a good idea, but so did cutting my own bangs, so ...

Wear comfortable shoes

This may seem obvious; but it wasn't obvious enough for me to actually think of it in time. I slid on some Van knockoffs with no socks and nine hours later shed a single tear over the cuts and blisters I had collected. I should've gone with my orthopedic, "old-lady" shoes.

Glitter is probably essential

Men, women and children: Glitter is a must. What other time do you get to jump around in a field of people and see glitter specks falling out of the corner of your eye? In this case, the more glitter you have, the better.

Lolla was truly a learning experience.

Until next year!

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