Late Night Shows Are The Key For College Procrastination

Your Late Night Studying Delirium Can Be Best Articulated By Late Night TV Hosts

It's time for a closer look.

We're about halfway through the fall semester and it's feeling rough. We're tired. The homework is just piling on.

The balance between our academic and social life is non-existent as we chug our coffee and soldier on.

While our college peers can definitely relate, so can those late night comedy show hosts you watch on YouTube when you're procrastinating writing that essay that's due this weekend.

Not that I would know anything about that. In all our procrastination, late night is always there to make us laugh during our late nights of studying (or mainly procrastinating).

1. When your professor asks if you did the assigned reading


It all depends. Is there going to be a test? On a busy week, doing the readings really gets pushed to the back burner.

2. When your friends ask if you want to go to Chick-fil-A after class


Always. The answer is always yes. Chick-fil-A is amazing.

3. When you are trying to cram the night before an exam


Late night hosts and their writing staff are pros at making up jokes just hours before a show starts in order to keep up with the ever-changing news. They were probably great at finishing assignments last minute when they were in school.

4. When you fall asleep studying


It's easy to do. No matter how much coffee you drink, you will eventually hit the wall. Just try and sleep in your dorm and not in the middle of your professor's lecture.

5. When your group project members don't do any work


I mean, what did you expect? Group projects always go down in flames.

6. When your group project members actually do their parts


A rare occurrence, and a true blessing.

7. When you and your friends reminisce about freshman year


Remember when we were freshmen and didn't know what we were doing? Yeah. I still don't know what I'm doing.

8. When you come back to class after missing one day


Depending on the class, one day can change a lot. College moves fast, and if you miss a day, you can get behind.

9. When the class you're really passionate about gets scheduled for 7 a.m. with a boring professor


You want to understand, but it's hard. Sometimes you can be really passionate about a subject and still hate the class.

10. When your friends carpool to go grocery shopping


The only time you might get off campus during the week is for grocery shopping. It's way more fun with friends.

11. When you think your professor is going to let you out early, but then they start assigning extra homework


This is the worst. Please let us go.

12. When you go into your professor's office hours


Yeah... You're not alone. Office hours are a great place to get your many questions answered.

13. When you see a dog on campus


Dogs are the best and seeing them on your college campus can truly brighten your day.

14. When you see that you're only halfway through the semester and there are still so many more assignments and all-nighters in your future


It can be stressful to see how much more you have left in the semester, but look how far you've come! Don't give up hope, and if you're feeling down, you can always turn to late night clips on YouTube for a good laugh.

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