10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For The 'Oh, Crap' Moments

10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For The 'Oh, Crap' Moments

For all of those who would rather pull their own teeth than spend another moment in a shopping center.


Christmas time really does come out of nowhere. One moment it's Thanksgiving, you blink, and it's Christmas Eve. In the hustle of family, friends, and shopping it can be very easy to overlook someone in your life. Instead of a full stress meltdown, improvise and win the Christmas season in just one night.

1. Christmas Hot Chocolate 


Available in pretty much any store, and usually packaged adorably, Christmas Hot Chocolate is a great way to show you care and make it look like you have yourself together.

2. Personalized coupons may sound like a thing of the past but everyone likes gifts that keep on giving.  


Christmas coupons may be a thing of the past but adults could stand for a free car wash or lunch date as well. Giving a gift that lasts for more than just one day is something everyone loves.

3. Anything offered on Same Day Amazon Shipping. 


Amazon is taking over the world, I know it, you know it. Now, Amazon is offering same day shipping for many of its products. That means you can literally order something on Christmas Eve and still get it on time.

4. A subscription to something great. 


Whether it be Spotify, Amazon or even a wine subscription - the options are endless. This gift is great all year, is quick to order, and can be done the night before Christmas. Who doesn't love a year of free music?

5. Offer child or house care. 


Moms and dads everywhere pay big bucks for child care. Offering a night out free of charge can be the greatest gift of all. This gift is quick and easy but shows how much you care for a busy schedule and a hectic holiday season.

6. Pick up a board game. 


The world seems to get busier and busier every year. There are few people who don't love to sit down for a great board game. Pick up a classic at countless stores near you and maybe even suggest a group game night. After all, experiences are better than gifts.

7. Regift a favorite book.


Books are an extremely personal present. Passing on a favorite novel along with a special note is way more powerful than mindlessly gifting a cheap necklace.

8. Give something more practical than pretty. 


Whether that means giving a Target gift card or gifting a new set of measuring cups, a practical gift is worth more than anything fancy. Christmas seems to be the time of useless crap, your friend will appreciate something they can use way more than something they can just look at.

9. Frame a picture.


Pictures are worth 1,000 words, right? There are few things more sentimental and special than a framed picture. This is an inexpensive way to show your friend or family member that you value the memories you have with them.

10. Go for a gift card.


When all else fails, a gift card is the way to win a friend over. Some may say that a gift card is an "easy way out" but lets' be honest, we'd all much rather pick out our own gifts, anyways.

Christmas time can be a time of great joy, but also of great stress. It's only human to forget at least one person when it comes to Christmas shopping. As you run to the store in hopes of last minute gifts, remember that it's the thought that counts. The season of endless shopping will soon be over and your friends will be thrilled you remembered to get them anything at all.

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Christmas Has Become Too Commercialized And It's Time To Get Back To Basics

I see Christmas as the time for spending time with family, and celebrating Christ. We need to focus on Christ and not focus on filling mall checkout lines.

In recent years, you may have noticed how early the Christmas music starts playing on the radio and how early malls begin to promote holiday sales. No, you are not dreaming or crazy if you have noticed.

It is just the simple fact that Christmas has become too commercialized.

In recent years, people seem to not be as excited to spend Christmas with their families. Every year, there are more department stores eager to post their holiday catalogs in September making it all about the money gimmick and not so much about the consumer.

Through the years, the question on everyone’s mind has been, how did Christmas become so commercialized? According to small business trends, F.W Woolworth was the one who seemed to have started the trend when the department store chain brought ornaments from the German cottage industry to the U.S. mass market.

25 dollars' worth of ornaments were purchased for his variety store in Lancaster, P.A. and the items sold within two days.

Currently, there are millions of ornaments being sold at stores everywhere. The other more common reason could be attributed to the “Coca-Cola Santa Claus,” which made its debut in the Saturday evening post in 1920. Still in 2017, many believe that it’s not the holidays until you see this Santa Claus.

He had the idea to self - publish a book about an Elf who would sit and watch children across the world. He then would report the behavior back to Santa Claus. This is a clear success because to this date, there are countless Elves on the Shelves in homes around the country.

According to the Pew Research Center, 33 percent of those who were surveyed do not look forward to the commercialism/materialism of the holiday. 69 percent think Christmas is about spending time with family.

73 percent of people agree that the true meaning of Christmas is being phased out in favor of new clothes and new gadgets.

This could be because of the excitement over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Or the eagerness of being one of the first people to get the newest game system.

Most of all, remember that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Cover Image Credit: Public Domain Images

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10 Reasons Why Having A Boyfriend Is Especially Awesome Around The Holidays

No better time of the year than Winter break to make all the memories with your honey freezing in the weather or sweating by the fireplace.


A date for looking at Christmas lights is on the top of the list, for sure.

1. You have someone to do all of the activities with

He's like your built-in partner for everything. Wanna watch a movie? Take a nap? Need someone to help you clean your room? You've got your person.

2. You can steal his hoodies when its chilly outside

It doesn't even have to be cold for you to want to. Chances are its a size or two bigger than you need and his cologne is all over it.

3. Chances are he's more willing to drive in the snow than you are 

Guys typically have a little more of a heavy duty vehicle. If you've got a good man, he might even rescue you an hour away in a blizzard if you think you're tougher than the weather.

4. Christmas movie partner!!

Do I need to add more?

5. He can always keep you warm

Bear hugs. Cuddles. His trucks dual air 90 degree heat on your side. He'll find a way to keep you warm.

6. Your family holiday events partner

Multiple Thanksgivings and Christmas' are a breeze with your favorite person by your side. Plus, no one to ask you where your plus one is or why you're single.

7. Matching Christmas pajamas

I don't know about you, but my family has matching Christmas jammies every year. You can even get your favorite person in on them too for a cute insta picture.

8. Your errand running partner

He's your built-in Christmas shopping partner so you aren't bored standing in line forever or while you're still shopping and he can act as your place holder.

9. You aren't the only single one in your family on Christmas Eve anymore. 

It's awkward when all of your siblings are taking pictures with their others, but when you've found your person, you can do all the same things, including looking forward to your new year's kiss.

10. Making more memories

No better time of the year than Winter break to make all the memories with your honey freezing in the weather or sweating by the fireplace.

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