With the winter semester coming to a close, we’re faced with three weeks of assignments, tests, projects, and worst of all, finals. As the deadlines get closer and closer and finals week steadily approaches, the stress of all we have to do can seem incredibly overwhelming.

The stress of the last few weeks before winter break may not be has stressful as trying to save your town from the monsters of the Upside Down, however, sometimes it sure feels like it. Therefore, here’s the last three weeks of the semester, as demonstrated by the Stranger Things cast.

1. Really wishing that you didn’t have to take final exams and could just skip to winter break.

2. When no one in your group works on the project, except you.

3. The workload starts to consume you until you're reduced to nothing but a stress-filled being.

4. But your friends feel the same way.

5. Sometimes, you feel like you just can't deal with all the stress anymore.

6. But, knowing how close winter break is keeps you ~somewhat~ sane.

7. And even though winter break is so close, it feels so, so far away.

8. You feel like your time to finish everything is constantly dwindling, and trying to relax feels impossible.

9. You're so sleep deprived, you can't even remember what feeling rested is like.

10. And before you know it, finals week arrives in full force.

11. But eventually, finals week is over, and you can finally enjoy the holiday spirit and the rest of winter break!

Hang in there, stress is temporary!