Larry Greenfield, Fitness Coach From New York, Shares Five Reasons Why Now the Perfect Time to Start Yoga
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Larry Greenfield, Fitness Coach From New York, Shares Five Reasons Why Now the Perfect Time to Start Yoga

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Larry Greenfield, Fitness Coach From New York, Shares Five Reasons Why Now the Perfect Time to Start Yoga

Multiple benefits come with practicing yoga, and the demands of quarantine create the ideal opportunity to experience them. When searching for a way to release daily tension when a spin class at the YMCA is no longer a current option, consider buying a yoga mat. The privacy of home and a sea of free beginner classes online make now more than ever a smooth transition into a new exercise flow.

Larry Greenfield, New York personal trainer and fitness activist, says that yoga has been proven through clinical studies to reduce cortisol levels and increases GABA. In other words, yoga tangibly increases happiness and reduces stress. During a time where anxiety levels are high, now is the perfect time to start yoga, and here Mr. Greenfield further discusses five more reasons why.

Reason #1: Reap the physical and mental benefits

Build your muscles while strengthening your bones and immune system by including yoga in your fitness routine. The beautiful thing about this ancient practice is that the physical benefits run parallel with proactive mental stimulation. Stress is all around toxic for your body to experience all the time. People who partake in yoga regularly experience lower stress levels due to the result of an increase in serotonin and a decrease in stress hormones.

Reason #2: Improve multiple arenas

What other well-being advantages does yoga support? On top of increasing physical and mental strength, yoga improves breath control, posture, flexibility, sleep, focus, as well as balance. Many yoga moves require moments of balance, and you find your balance over time as your physical fitness advances.

Reason #3: Experience the power of meditation

The implementation of yoga was based on physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines during ancient times. Taking time to meditate during yoga is a mental application that can change your life for the better. Meditation helps open the gates to intellectual clarity through thought processing and control while welcoming tranquility and serenity with open arms. Often, those who do yoga will utilize ten to twenty minutes of meditation time to conclude a yoga session.

Reason #4: Positively impact the start of your day

There are several rewards to starting your day with yoga, even if it is just a ten to fifteen-minute flow. Taking time to reflect on the elements in your life that you are thankful for during your morning stretch easily allows the day to start on a positive note while your serotonin levels boost. Meditation also assists with mental preparedness for the day ahead.

Reason #5: Gain a higher level of self-awareness

Another area of growth that yoga offers is the ability to gain a higher level of self-awareness. Incorporating daily yoga into your schedule will lead to evolving congruity in your body, mind, and habitat. This specific exercise emphasizes deep, relaxed, steady breathing while finding sturdiness when holding tension. When aiming to maintain a still yoga pose, you feel all the physical strain and have to work with your attitude, thought process, and weak points to overcome fatigue. You become quickly aware of what you need to do to continue to advance.

About Larry Greenfield

Larry Greenfield is a certified fitness coach from New York, NY, who specializes in helping men and women over 40 get into the best shape of their life. Through years of experience, he's discovered that personalizing his approach to fit each client's needs and aiming for long-term results is the best path to improve his clients' lifestyle. When he is not working, Larry enjoys fitness, art, traveling, and outdoor activities with his family.

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