LANY Plays First Radio Show And The Crowd Goes Wild
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LANY Was Showered With Roses At Their First Ever Radio Show And It's No Surprise Why

Go 96.3 was the first radio station in the country to play LANY and now was the host of LANY's first ever radio show.

LANY Was Showered With Roses At Their First Ever Radio Show And It's No Surprise Why
Corbyn Jenkins

LANY is an alternative-pop band from Los Angeles. It is composed of frontman Paul Klein, guitarist Les Priest and drummer Jake Goss. Each of them truly brings something unique to the overall sound of LANY.

Throughout the past few years, the band has grown immensely both around the world and within their music. They have continued to develop their sound throughout every song they release, but at the same time still manage to keep their pop synth beat roots and 80's R&B vibes.

I was lucky enough to catch LANY perform at GO 96.3's 2018 Snow Show in St. Paul, Minnesota which featured Minneapolis surf-punk band Last Import, Albert Hammond Jr, LANY and the British powerhouse band Bastille.

Corbyn Jenkins

The band ran onto stage and dove into "Thick And Thin," the opening track on their new album "Malibu Nights" and it got the crowd boppin' along right from the start. The girls in the front row were going crazy and screaming back every lyric. It was during this song that multiple fans in the crowd either threw or held out red roses for lead singer, Paul Klein which is a re-occurring thing at just about every LANY show.

Who doesn't love being showered with roses?

After the song came to a close, Klein gave the crowd a smile before saying, "Minneapolis, what's up?! This is our first radio show ever! We've been to your beautiful city like twelve times and are so happy to be back here. We're LANY from Los Angeles, California." He then points to a girl up in the balcony and comments that she's been with the band from the start, at their first show in Minneapolis at The Triple Rock. She obviously loved that shoutout.

Corbyn Jenkins

"Good Girls" followed which a few more in the crowd seemed to know. The track was released as a single back in 2017 and is featured on the band's debut studio album. Klein's stage presence really started to shine during this song and towards the end, he sat on the edge of the stage singing to the front row as their hands stretched out in hopes of holding his for even a second.

"I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore" came next which Klein sang while showing off his skills on the keyboard. The amount of energy he still put into the performance was insane for already singing the emotional lyrics and killing it on the keys.

Talk about good multi-tasking.

Corbyn Jenkins

The next two tracks played were "The Breakup" and "If You See Her."

"The Breakup" was another single that the band released in 2017 and the crowd seemed to really vibe with the overall sound, relatable lyrics, and incredible guitar riff. "If You See Her" was another bop, but the performance really stood out because of the amount of emotion that Klein put into it.

At one point I felt as if I was feeling everything that he was. It was insane.

Corbyn Jenkins

"Super Far" and "Thru These Tears" followed. "Super Far" was released in 2017 as a single and is also featured on their debut studio album.

During this performance, Klein held out the microphone to the crowd a few times and many seemed to know the lyrics. The track is honestly kind of a pump-up-jam and the crowd seemed to agree as they had their hands up in the air while dancing around. "Thru These Tears" was the band's ballad lead single for their newest album, "Malibu Nights.

The track has been played many times on the local radio stations in Minnesota so it was one of the tracks that had just about everyone in the venue singing along to.

Corbyn Jenkins

Before diving into the last song of their set, LANY played "Parents" which was perfect because on their album it is the track that leads right into the band's hit, "ILYSB."

Of course, it was the highlight of their set. As the song came to a close, the crowd went wild and Klein said, "Thank you for being so good to us Minneapolis/St. Paul, We'll be here forever. We love you." They then took a bow and headed off stage.

Overall, LANY put on one amazing performance at GO 96.3's 2018 Snow Show.

It's not every day that you are able to come across a band that sounds as amazing as they do live. Honestly, they sound great in your headphones, but you haven't really truly experienced LANY until you attend one of their shows.

If you ever have the chance to catch them playing live, please do yourself a favor and check them out. You won't regret it.

Corbyn Jenkins

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