11 Labor Day Cocktails To Try To Forget Summer's Officially Over
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11 Labor Day Cocktails To Try To Forget Summer's Officially Over

Try these by the pool, on the beach, at a cookout - or really wherever you're craving a little punch in a fruity drink.

labor day cocktail recipes

It's hard to think that #Summer2018 is almost over. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were stuck in January that felt like it lasted six months? A Labor Day celebration is the perfect way to have the summer go out with a bang and what's better than to include some awesome summer cocktails.

1. Strawberry Lemonade White Wine Sangria


This sangria is an amazing Labor Day cocktail recipe. It incorporates the classic strawberry lemonade flavor with the kick of white rum.

2. Whisky Peach


This peach whiskey drink is perfect to wrap up the summertime. This cocktail is super simple to make and super delicious for a party.

3. Strawberry Orange Rosé Spritzer


This Labor Day rosé cocktail recipe is going to be a hit if you're having a ladies-only party. Strawberry + Orange + Rosé = Happiness.

4. Frosé Daiquiri


Another ladies favorite, these daiquiris can be made alcoholic OR virgin - perfect for a party with under 21-ers or people who pass on drinking.

5. Peach Rosito


A final peach and rosé-inspired Labor Day cocktail recipe, this rosito is simple and delicious; perfect to finish off the summer.

6. Hawaiian Mimosa


If you're a fan of all things pineapple, then this is the Labor Day cocktail for you. Made with pineapple juice and pineapple slices, you'll feel like you're sipping this mimosa straight from the beauty of Hawaii.

7. Watermelon Mint Cocktail


This Labor Day cocktail recipe contains FRESH watermelon - not flavored from sugary syrup. Cut and blend some watermelon and add Prosecco for the fizz that it needs.

8. Raspberry Mango Margarita


This cocktail takes a little more work than the rest but it's totally worth it. Combine the flavors of raspberry, mango, tequila, and more to make a refreshing drink that everyone will love.

9. Ocean Breeze Cocktail


This awesome Labor Day cocktail recipe combines coconut rum, Sprite, and Blue Curacao - a liqueur that comes from a citrus plant from the island, Curacao. Sip this bright blue drink and imagine yourself happy on a calming island.

10. Toasted Frozen Coconut Mojito


If you're a fan of coconut or all things tropical, then this is the cocktail for you. This toasted coconut mojito has several different tropical elements and looks gorgeous poured into a tall glass.

11. Mermaid Water


This is another great Labor Day cocktail recipe if you're a lover of all things tropical. This gorgeous blue drink has two different types of rum, pineapple juice, and a citrus-based liqueur.

May your drinks be strong and the rest of your summer be memorable! Happy drinking!

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