It is the surprise of year that actually never was a surprise.

Kylie Jenner being pregnant littered every Twitter feed and Bustle post, with paparazzi taking random photos and zooming in so close that the pixel gradient could have made anyone look pregnant Why was everyone so worked up, acting like this was the first time a celebrity kept a pregnancy bottled up like $5 cold brewed coffee?

However, we need to talk about this name though... Stromi... with an "I," as if Stormy with a "Y" wasn't original enough of a name. Celebrities are notorious for naming their children obscure names, like Blue Ivy, Saint, North, Blanket, Apple. Isn't Jeff or Henry or Jane good enough? Is it an attempt to be more creative? If so, I think I have the future of baby names: watch out, these might be the most popular of 2018 (grab them before they get popular).

1. Espresso

The most energetic child at daycare.

2. Tide Pod

What they really should have picked (yes, I did create this art).

3. Perrier

Is your child French and expensive? Do they make you want to vomit?

4. Bologna'

Pronounced b-eau-lag-nah. It has an accent, so it's different...

5. Frigidaire

A cold bitch named this child (get it?)...

6. Jemima

Our favorite aunt...

7. Bleach

A millennial's favorite beverage...

8. Mr. Coffee

What a fancy child the would be...Mr. Mr. Coffee.

9. Chair

Class, elegant, timeless.

10. Knork

Whats more original that creating your own utensil?? Knife and fork, finally married together.

11. Crayon

Usually, the white one that no one uses, found under the oven.

12. Tequila

Child: Why am I named tequila?

Mother: When we made you, I had drank too much tequila and...

13. Natty Light