Analysis Of Krusty Krab Vs. Chum Bucket Meme
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Analysis Of Krusty Krab Vs. Chum Bucket Meme

The meme sauce is not like juice. The juice does not last, its like a good snap or tweet. You see it then it expires.

Analysis Of Krusty Krab Vs. Chum Bucket Meme

We have all seen them. We have all hated them. We have all loved them.

To those who do not know exactly whats going on in this meme. The context is that the Krusty Krab, the wooden restaurant in the picture, is much better than the Chum Bucket, the bucket restaurant in the picture. Therefore, people will put images of something they are passionate about and use these memes to show how they feel.

The Krusty Krab represents what you like. The Chum Bucket represents what you don't like.

Here is my break down of the best/worst Krusty Krab vs Chum Bucket memes!

"I feel that"

Sometimes, you come across a meme and it speaks to you. These memes are the best example of good wholesome Krusty Krab vs Chum Bucket memes.

Everybody has a side to this argument. Why is the Office so much better than Parks and Recreation? Never has an argument been better represented than through this meme.

#Ifeelthat rating: 7/10

I am from the Big12, but one thing everyone can agree on is that. I'm not sure if you followed college basketball this year or not, but UT, TCU, OU, BU, OSU, KU are GARBAGE! Tech is the real deal. We may play small ball, but we can compete with any team. Big shout out to Coach Beard! @me if you want! Wreck'em!

#Ifeelthat rating: (4:1)/10

This isn't even a debate, Hard tacos cut up your mouth and crumble!

#Ifeelthat rating: 9/10

This just applies to everyone who has a dog. You look at someone else's dog and even if you love won't ever be your dog.

#Ifeelthat rating: 6/10

I mean I don't think I really need to explain this one.

#Ifeelthat rating: Yeehaw!/10

The Spiciest

Now, these memes are the best of the KKvsCB memes! These are the ones that can go both ways! These memes are initiators. They cause arguments. They help you filter out your real vs. fake friends!

To me, Whataburger is the easy choice here! However, I know a lot of people who would debate that In-N-Out is the better.

#TheSpiciest rating 10/10

Twitter has really grown on me recently. I think people who like Instagram better are more shallow and probably worry about their appearance too much.

#TheSpiciest rating 6/10

Personally, I like the night screen its easier on my eyes.

#TheSpiciest rating 5/10

Just go ahead and go to the comment section so I can hear how ignorant I am.

#TheSpiciest rating 10/10

This is almost why the meme was created. You compare a good restaurant to a dirty one.

#TheSpiciest rating 7/10


#TheSpiciest rating 9/10

Pancakes >> Waffles! Pancakes have toppings and fillings and syrup and fruit and protein. Waffles have chicken! Chicken and Waffles are the nourishment of the gods! Pancakes literally take the cake!

#TheSpiciest rating 7/10

To me, this isn't an argument! Spotify is head and shoulders!

#TheSpiciest rating 8/10

But why tho??

Now this next group, it is just sad. These are the sad bois. The dumb ones you shake your head at.

Waffles and pancakes are never equal!

#Butwhytho rating 7/10

I threw up the first time I saw this.

#Butwhytho rating 10/10

This is literally just the meme of itself.

#Butwhytho rating 8/10

The Bad Eggs

These are the memes that make you want to end it all. You can't stop shaking your head and lamenting that your world has people in it bold enough to even think to make these memes.

Don't we all just absolutely love feminism!

#badegg rating 6/10

This is a good example of a meme imploding on itself.

#badegg rating 9/10

Shooters shoot! This isn't even half bad.

#badegg rating 8/10

I heard you like memes so they put a meme in your meme so you can meme. Low key, I kind of like this one.

#badegg rating 8/10


This meme had its time, but it has gone too far. The volume of this meme plastering timelines and newsfeeds is what is bringing it down. People have gotten desperate. We need to lay this meme to rest before we lose sight of our humor and ultimately ourselves.

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