Summer seemed to stretch on forever, but now it’s time to head back to university! It’s definitely a big shift to move from sleep to studying, from family to friends, and from summer to stress. It’s difficult to seamlessly switch between two very different lives.

So, to ease your transition, here are 14 ways to know the fall semester has begun once more!

1. Ramen sneakily makes a reappearance in your diet.

I went months without even having to look at ramen but I haven’t been back at school a week and I already have eaten ramen twice. Sure, it contains waaaaay too much sodium, but damn if it doesn’t taste good

2. And so do Lunchables!

How many Lunchables have I eaten in the past six days?

…five! But I’m not tired of them yet!

3. You’re excited whenever you get eight (or more!) hours of sleep.

Summer was like one giant hibernation, but now we don’t have time for sleep. There are things to do, people to see!

4. It constantly feels like you have something to do.

If it isn’t something that’s immediately due, it’s something you should be working on because you know you won’t have time for it later in the week. I constantly feel like I have a jillion things to do at any given moment.

5. Procrastination becomes second nature again.

I should be reading my textbook, but instead I’m researching decorations for my dorm, taking a nap, or eating.

6. You hang out with friends all the time.

It’s so much easier now that we all live so close to each other! All I have to do is pop my head next door.

7. You put less time/effort into your appearance.

On the first day of school, I wore a cute top with a skirt. Two hours later, I went back to my dorm and changed into workout clothes because I was hot.

8. You have to turn your brain back on again.

I actually have to make an effort to concentrate and learn new material (and after ten minutes I’m ready for a well-deserved break).

9. You start having to improvise with just about everything.

I wrapped my hair in a plastic bag once because I didn't have a shower cap.

10. You start snacking more...

The first two days of school, I tried to eat healthy. Today, I ate barbeque, three cookies, and at least 15 Twizzlers, so obviously that's going well.

11. ... and exercising less.

I'm going to the gym this week, I swear.

12. The value of Netflix triples.

I didn't appreciate watching TV when I had the time to watch ten episodes in one afternoon, but now being able to watch TV is a rare commodity.

13. Weekends seem to be over before they even start.

It's Friday afternoon and everything's great, but then next thing you know it's Monday and you haven't done any of your homework.

14. The library becomes your new home.

Dorm room? Never heard of it!