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I Don't Care What You Say, She's #NotMyKimPossible

Yes there is a live-action remake of "Kim Possible." No, I am not thrilled about it. Let me explain to you why.

kim possible

"Call me, beep me if ya wanna reach me." Whenever that quote is spoken, kids of the early 2000s era of Disney immediately know where it's from: "Kim Possible." For those of you who have been living under a rock and do not know what this show is about, it centers in on a high school girl, Kim Possible, who is also a spy beyond her time. She and her best friend, Ron, must balance the struggles of high school and her obligation to taking down an evil scientist, Dr. Drakken, and his loyal bodyguard, Shego, who are hellbent on taking over the world. This show was one of the most amazing shows to grace Disney. However, Disney has decided to make a live-action movie based on the television show and some people, including me, are not exactly happy.

Why are people not happy about it? Well for starters, the young actress, Sadie Stanley, who is playing the title role doesn't necessarily look like she would be in high school. I know that things like the likeness of an actor/actress to the character they play can be a very opinion-oriented topic, but for some reason, I would have liked to see an older girl play Kim. Disney definitely likes to cast up-and-coming young actors in order to get them noticed, but I think they could have picked someone who would have been a more convincing Kim.

Another reason I and many others have a problem with this live-action remake is the design of the villains, Shego and Dr. Drakken. In the television show, Shego's skin had a slight green hue to it along with Dr. Drakken's having a blue hue to it, personifying how they are purely evil. In the live-action remake, Shego simply has a little bit of green eyeshadow and Dr. Drakken has weird blue veins along the top and sides of his face. I can understand where they would want to switch up the design of these characters since you are bringing cartoon characters to life and they might look a little different as a real person, however, I would have liked to see Shego more menacing looking or Dr. Drakken look even crazier. The reason these two characters looked the way they did was to strike fear into our hearts. Now, they just look like a very unhappy married couple.

One last thing that has made me more upset about this remake is the fact that there is even a remake in the first place. Now, I love seeing old shows that we loved dearly be revived for a season or two such as "Full House" or "Gilmore Girls" and I love to see that fans accept the revivals of these shows with open arms. For Disney, their revivals are usually sub-par at best. Disney recently revived the character Raven Baxter from the television show "That's So Raven" and created a spin-off show "Raven's Home." To younger generations, this show is original and funny. To the older generations who know where these "new characters" are from, the show is a lousy attempt for Disney to make more money on shows that they once canceled.

I wish Disney would learn that it is okay to let go of shows from the past. I also wish Disney would learn that these new shows that they make as spin-offs to shows from the past will never be as good as the originals. In my opinion, Disney is ruining the shows that made our generations what they now are: strong and determined to make our mark in the world. We learned from characters like Raven Baxter, Lizzie McGuire, and Kim Possible that even though we are young, we still are strong and are able to make an impact on the world (I mean, Kim saved the world multiple times from being destroyed for Christ's sake). I sincerely hope that this live-action remake of "Kim Possible" doesn't ruin the old "Kim Possible", but I guess we shall wait and see.

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