I Ate Like Kim Kardashian-West For A Day And My Stomach Was Growling The Entire Time

I Ate Like Kim Kardashian-West For A Day And My Stomach Was Growling The Entire Time

The woman is very adamant about her workout regimen and diet.


Unless you've been avoiding all social media, television and even the news, I'm sure you've seen Kim Kardashian-West and her iconic body. Although people mainly focus on the backend of her fitness, she is in incredible shape from head-to-toe. Kim is very adamant about her intense workout regimen and nutritional diet.

KKW's day on a plate consists of blueberry oatmeal pancakes for breakfast, chicken with sweet potato and vegetables for lunch and fish with vegetables for her dinner.

So, I've decided to follow this meal plan for a day and see if I could keep up with this Kardashian sister.

So, I started my morning at 7:45 am where I began to make the blueberry oatmeal pancakes for breakfast. It's definitely not as convenient as the good old Aunt Jemima box, but it was nice to make my first meal with some freshness. In lieu of the healthy lifestyle I am portraying today, I topped my pancakes off with honey for a naturally sweeter taste without adding any syrup.

Gianna Landy

By the time the clock struck 11:00a.m, my stomach was growling loud enough to wake my dog up from her nap. I decided to make my lunch for noon following the meal that Kim would have for lunch.
I made chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and riced broccoli. This meal was definitely something I'd work into my own meal plan! The chicken is versatile and you could season it different every time for some change. It also left me feeling full, but in a healthy way, which was nice to still have energy after a meal in the middle of my day. Let's just say, I'm not hating this lunch.

Gianna Landy

Finally, at 10:30 p.m (I take late classes), I finished my day with my last Kimspired meal. I baked a piece of tilapia with just some garlic salt, pepper, paprika and adobo. I also had a lot of leftover riced broccoli from lunch so I used that as my vegetable with dinner. I'm a big fan of any seafood so I found this dinner delicious and super easy to prepare, which is a plus after a long day.

Gianna Landy

Throughout the day, Kim also drinks four and a half liters. I'm an avid water-drinker so I was excited to really see how much I drink during the day. After the long day of work and classes, I realized that I would have only had HALF of the amount of water that Kim suggests. I took this as a personal challenge for myself going forward from this day that I should drink more water throughout my busy schedule.

At the end of the day, I enjoyed eating like Kim Kardashian-West for the day. I would suggest maybe a snack in-between the meals in case they aren't filling enough. However, I would absolutely make these meals again! Who knows, maybe we will see a KKW meal plan to order in the future.

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