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Math Curse

We all have our subject we struggle with in school, and math is one a lot of us don't get.

Math Curse

Welcome to the club of people that can't add or subtract correctly. Well, we can but once you throw in the alphabet, it's game over. Here is a letter to all the kids who were terrible at math.

You are not alone, I know it may feel like you are but honestly there are thousands of us. I was always 7 steps behind everyone or I thought I understood and I actually just ended up doing the whole problem wrong. Don't feel alone it's okay we are here to support you.

Why does math go further than the simple adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, and fractions? I know there are reasons but I'm not okay with being forced to learn more than I need to. It is stressful and makes me want to throw myself out of the nearest window. I just don't understand.

It's okay that there are tears on your math homework, it's a better excuse than your dog eating it. Your math teachers obviously know who struggles and who doesn't, but don't help those struggling. I have had multiple math teachers teach me a certain chapter and they all did it differently and I got even more confused.

Ask for help during class and while you're learning it. I didn't do that till my senior year in high school, and I totally regret it. Once I started asking about things I was super confused on I eventually got through the confusion and figured it out.

Word problems are your worst nightmares. I can't figure out a problem with just numbers and set equations, yet alone a word problem. Whenever we were assigned the word problem page in our math book a tear ran down my face, I can not, not matter how hard I try, figure out word problems.

Not understanding math very well, really puts you behind in a lot of things. I got a lower score on my math section of the ACT, and now in college I have to take two extra classes that don't count towards education. It's beyond frustrating.

To the people who struggle with math, it's okay. We will get by, but just at a slower pace than others. Just remember to ask questions and try not to want to throw yourself out of a window.

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