24 Things We All Hated As Children But Love As Adults
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24 Things We All Hated As Children But Love As Adults

Is there anyway I can make up the missed naps I didn't take as a child?

24 Things We All Hated As Children But Love As Adults
Sidi-Omar Alami

Everyone remembers saying that they wish they could make up the naps they refused to take as a child. What other things did we despise as children, but now, as adults, we absolutely love? I could think of several just for myself.

1. Cash gifts

Honestly, give me money as a gift and I will love you forever.

2. Clothing gifts

Same with clothes, except you better have a good taste.

3. Coffee

Coffee saves our lives on multiple occasions.

4. The News

It used to be boring, but now it's nice to know what is going on.

5. Alone time

Alone time is AMAZING as an adult, not so much as kids.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol means one thing for us adults, regret.

7. The Cooking Channel

Honestly, we enjoy watching it because we know we will never cook anything we see.

8. Family night

A night of board games and movies with your favorite people is a dream night.

9. Naps

I don't know why kids hate naps. They are AMAZING.

10. Siblings

Siblings become a lot more important during adulthood than childhood, plus they understand more.

11. Haircuts

It is much more refreshing than it was when we were kids.

12. Long car rides

Long car rides mean two things: music and freedom.

13. Days out with parents

Honestly, going shopping with mom is my favorite day.

14. Spicy food

Spicy food is a gift from God.

15. Being grounded

I will gladly go to my room or not go out for a week.

16. Family vacations

They might seem stressful as a child, but you really appreciate them as an adult.

17. Healthier cereal

Honestly, children just want the unhealthiest cereals, but it catches up with us as adults.

18. Vegetables

Adults choose healthier foods and actually enjoy them, unlike children.

19. Practical gifts

Yes, I will gladly take things I need as gifts.

20. Personal hygiene

Baths, showers, brushing teeth, and cleaning ears are so dreaded as children but enjoyable as adults.

21. Dark chocolate

It is the healthier chocolate and adults appreciate that blessing God gave us.

22. Genuine conversation

Conversation is so much more appreciated as adults than it is with children.

23. Back-to-School shopping

There are good deals with a bunch of different things, but only adults truly appreciate them.

24. Looking younger

Only adults truly understand the power in looking younger than you actually are.

Somedays we miss being a kid because they do come with less worries and responsibilities, but always remember these 24 things that kids just tend to hate while us adults tend to love.

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