To The Kid That Grew Up With Divorced-Parents Drama

Even though we're all grown up now, we still tend to look back on the days before our parents got divorced. Although those days may be hard to remember the memories still linger in our minds.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are different now. Even after you're of age you still have to visit them separately to celebrate the holidays. It makes your chaotic day even more tedious because of all the traveling and communication that has to take place just so no one feels left out.

It makes you nervous at sporting events when they are both there to watch you.

On graduation day they sit on opposite sides of the gym but when it comes time to take pictures you are afraid they won't be able to get along. When it's time to move into college they both argue about who gets to be there although you want both of them there. You have to base your birthdays around their schedules instead of your own because you inevitably want to please them.

They use you against each other and it puts you in the middle of every argument. It's getting old now but you're used to it.

At the end of the day, it comes down to being obliviously selfish. They don't even realize it, but it's true. They got divorced when you were too young to understand (so it doesn't bother you anyways) or they got divorced when you were older and even though you are over the divorce itself, they are still out to get each other in some way.

You don't care about the reason they got divorced, you don't care about who did who wrong, all you want is your parents to forget about it and be there for you.

You've seen through all the B.S., so you want them to do the same.

To all the kids with divorced parents, to all the divorced parents, to all the family members: remember what it's about and stop being selfish individuals. There is a solution to every problem and it can be simply figured out if you don't complicate it.

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