Kick-start Your Summer Playlist With These 7 Tunes
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Kick-start Your Summer Playlist With These 7 Tunes

From Paramore to Bryce Vine, these songs are sure to make their way to your ears this summer.

Kick-start Your Summer Playlist With These 7 Tunes
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Every summer needs a good soundtrack, and although summer is just starting, why not get a good headstart on your jams for the summer? Check out the songs below and add them to your summer playlist!

Sour Patch Kids - Bryce Vine

The ultimate summer jam, “Sour Patch Kids” is the best song to play at any event this summer. It may be a few years old, but its terrific melody won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Fun, relaxed, and super catchy, Sour Patch Kids will be repeating all day on your phone and in your head.

Told You So - Paramore

Coming back with a fresh, funky 80’s vibe, Paramore is packing a punch with their new album After Laughter. “Told You So” embraces the 80’s vibe in every way possible and makes you want to dance your heart out. Listen to this great jam that is sure to be playing on every radio station this summer.

Talk Too Much - COIN

I don’t anything about COIN, but “Talk Too Much” promotes energetic guitars that sparks the fun of summer. This is a great song for chill, yet fun evenings in the summer, and is a perfect song to jam out to in the car.

Kissing Strangers - DNCE

DNCE is back at it again with embracing the fun of funk. Sure to be a hit on the radio this summer, “Kissing Strangers” features a slick verse by Nicki Minaj and encourages you to get the idea of kissing strangers stuck in your head.

She Takes Me High - We The Kings

Recommended by a friend, “She Takes Me High” does a great job at capturing the atmosphere and feeling of summer. One can’t help but find pleasure in hearing a We The Kings song every once in awhile.

Young In Love - Borgeous

A great dance jam for the summer, “Young In Love” is the perfect song to have in your playlist. Plus, who doesn’t love a great love story music video every now and then?

Hands All Over You - Kalin And Myles

Although Kalin And Myles broke up back in March 2016, they still have some great songs out there that should’ve been made singles. “Hands All Over You” is the perfect example of that, and it fits the summer vibe to the tee. You can’t help but feel the energy of summer when listening to this great tune.

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