A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about different uses of ranch dressing with different food items. I decided to now turn my attention to probably my favorite condiment of all . . . ketchup. Yes, I am that crazy ketchup person who has more ketchup than food on my plate! However, I am not alone in this love for ketchup! There are many of us out there with fairly different uses of ketchup and gives us ketchup lovers another great way to use ketchup! Why not!

1. Ketchup By Itself

This may sound absolutely gross to many people, however, when there is left over ketchup on our plates we cannot let it go to waste!

2. Ketchup Sandwich

This is my weird food item that I eat and I am not ashamed to admit it!

3. Ketchup With French Fries

Of course, what a classic!

4. Ketchup With Steak

Ok, I know that many people will say that a good steak doesn't need any sort of seasoning at all, however, I just love ketchup and of course I have it with my steak!

5. Ketchup On Eggs

My dad in particular loves to do this, but I am still apprehensive about this..

6. Ketchup On Tacos

For those taco and ketchup lovers out there!

7. Ketchup on Bologna

Once again, another one of my dad's favorites.

8. Ketchup on Hamburgers

With any good hamburger, it must have ketchup.

9. Ketchup on Hotdogs

With any good hotdog, it must have ketchup.

10. Ketchup on Pretzels

Ehh, again, I am not sure about this one!

11. Ketchup In Pork and Beans

I have done this one and it is quite tasty!

12. Ketchup On Spaghetti

Probably not one that I would do, but I have not tried it!

13. Ketchup With Bacon

Very interesting combination.

14. Ketchup With Fish

I definitely do this with most fish because I do not like cocktail sauce!

15. Ketchup On A Salad

This one might get a lot of "heck no" answers!

No matter what your weird food combination with ketchup is, don't worry because you are not alone! Also, it probably would not be a shock to say that I absolutely love ketchup and HATE mustard!!