Keeping Girls in School Act- Act Now

Keeping Girls In School Act- Act Now!

The Borgen Project spearheads the creation of legislation to enroll the 130 million girls across the world not currently enrolled in school.

Gianna Gonzalez

130 million girls across the globe are currently not enrolled in school. The non-profit organization, The Borgen Project, is here to fight for the underdog and bring a rightful education to these girls. As an organization, The Borgen Project does 4 things: advocates, mobilizes, educates, and builds awareness of issues concerning global poverty.

In order to advocate for the 130 million girls not enrolled in school, The Borgen Project drafted the Keeping Girls in School Act. This act will reduce child pregnancy and marriage rates and reduce violent conflict around the globe. Through the passing of the Keeping Girls in School Act, after 12 years of free, safe, quality education, lifetime earnings for women around the world, including in the U.S., will increase by $15-30 trillion and 3 million lives will be saved. To learn more about the Keeping Girls in School Act click here.

Please get informed, share with your friends, and click here to email your congressional leaders in support of this important issue. It is not uncommon for a congressional leader to co-sponsor a bill after 7 emails from their constituents. Taking 30 seconds to email them will create change. I call you to action: while taking the train home from work, email your congressional leaders. While waiting in line for Starbucks, email your congressional leaders. Or, while out to dinner with your friends, email your congressional leaders together.

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