How To Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick
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How To Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick

Or at least make them last through January!

How To Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick
Hannah Mailhos

1. Make it something you'll enjoy!


You won't stick with something throughout the whole year if you don't enjoy what you're trying to make yourself do. For example, I love to read so I knew that's something I wanted to do more this year.

2. Find out WHY you want to achieve that goal.


Finding the root of why you want to achieve something is a key in sticking with it. I want to read more because it helps increase my creativity and I found myself opting to watch TV instead of picking up a book and that's something I want to change.

3. Be specific.

Being specific in your goals helps you see your progress. Instead of saying 'I want to read more this year', I'm going to say 'I'm going to read fifty books this year'.

4. Set a date.


If you have a date then you'll find you have more motivation when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. For my goal, I want to read fifty books by December 31st of this year.

5. Find out what you’ll need to reach your goal!

Finding out what resources you need prior to starting your journey will make things a lot easier. For me, I need money to buy my books, as I like to hold a physical copy, but some might want a kindle or nook or something where they can purchase digital copies of books to carry with them at all times.

6. Make smaller goals along the way...

Making smaller goals on your path to your overall goal will help you feel more accomplished when you hit these milestones. For example, I want to have read at least four books a month. So when I hit that four book goal every month I'll feel like I have accomplished something along the way.

7. Make a goals sheet that you can revisit through your journey.

I use a bullet journal to visualize my goals, but you can make your goals sheet on anything. I write down what my specific goal is, when I want to have completed it by, what my milestones will be, and why I want to achieve this goal. It helps to see it all laid out in front of you to revisit when you feel you're in a slump.

8. Tell a friend about your goals!


By telling another person about your goals it helps to keep you accountable.

9. Don’t get discouraged when you have a minor set back. 


Having setbacks is normal, especially when it comes to big goals for yourself, but don't get discouraged. You can always start fresh tomorrow.

10.  Keep track of what you’ve done.

This is another thing that I usually keep in my bullet journal, but keep track of the progress you've made! It's important to visualize it as you go along!

11. Reward yourself!


Whether it's by taking yourself out to ice cream, or a movie, or going on a shopping spree, reward yourself for the hard work you've put in and the things you've accomplished. Reward yourself on your milestones, and especially if you complete your goal, and even reward yourself if you didn't quite get there because you tried your hardest and that's all you can ask of yourself.

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