Kayaking — The Activity of The Summer

Kayaking — The Activity of The Summer

I highly recommend trying kayaking this summer if you have not done so before


Take a second to breathe this in: Crystal blue water lapping up against your elbows, a gentle breeze rustling through the picturesque trees above you, and geese swimming calmly beside your kayak. You look down to see a turtle swimming lazily through the warm water and smile at the beautiful world you're now a part of. This is one type of kayaking, and one of my many reasons you should give it a try this summer.

Undoutably kayaking is an activity that can be as arduous as you make it, but nevertheless, you will reap the benefits of the outdoors. One reason you should participate in kayaking this summer is to take a step away from the stresses that surround everyday life. Kayaking can allow you to remove yourself from those unpleasant events and for a short, or long period of time, allow you to be alone with the water.

The pressures that surround everyday life can be overwhelming at times, and going kayaking can take you to a whole new world. There are numerous health benefits to going outside. Studies show that spending 90 minutes a day outside in a natural setting is good for your mental health and can help prevent depression. What better way to spend that time than by kayaking on your favorite local lake?

Kayaking can also allow you to experience a world that you'd previously be unable to enter on foot. A whole new world is available to you on a kayak. Bigger boats can't go into shallow water as a kayak can, and boats with motors scare off wildlife. If you go slowly enough, you can get pretty close to birds, turtles, and even see fish beneath you if you're in the right area.

With kayaking too, your peer group can span from young children to mature adults. When you head out to your local body of water to try out kayaking, don't be surprised to see a mix of age groups. Unlike a lot of recreational activities, kayaking isn't hard on the knees, and a lot of older people enjoy it. You can choose your level of difficulty by deciding where to kayak. If you want a wild river adventure that works out every muscle you have, go on a river. If you prefer something more relaxed, go to a small lake or creek. Pay attention to the weather as well, because fighting the wind will make kayaking harder.

With all of this in mind. I would highly advise you to try kayaking for a day, you may be surprised. You might have just found your new favorite summer activity.

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